Grr, this is very annoying

I am trying to write up a casefile for one Nichole Marie Millsaps and the problem is I can find practically nothing on her. The only information is this poster. Okay…no exact date of disappearance. No date of birth. No hair/eye color — it looks like her hair’s brown, but photos can be deceiving, and it’s impossible to tell about her eyes. Worst of all, not even a city or county of disappearance. Last seen somewhere in Alaska. Alaska is 586,412 square miles in size.

I think she lived in Anchorage or the vicinity. Partly because almost half the people in Alaska live in or near Anchorage, but mostly because if you Google your name you can see that someone with the same name and the right age was arrested in the Anchorage area last fall. But that’s hardly definitive. Even if she did live in Anchorage, she could have disappeared somewhere else.

Way to be helpful, Alaska State Troopers. Well played.