A bit of a shock

I got a letter from a guy who says a woman listed on Charley, Dawnia Howard, is his ex-wife. They divorced back in the seventies and he Googled her name to see if he could find a Facebook page or something for her, see what she’d been up to all this time. He found out she’d been missing for the past 25 years, probably killed by another ex-husband.

Nasty shock it was for him.

The suspect, Richard Clinton Howard, subsequently wedded, bedded and murdered another wife, Cora. He is in prison for her murder, but I just learned that he’d up in parole in January. After ten lousy years. I hope the parole board realizes he’s the prime suspect in Dawnia’s case as well.

Murder charge in Lynsie Ekelund case

Christopher McAmis, a friend of Lynsie Leigh Ekelund, has been charged with capital murder in her case. Because authorities believe he killed her after a rape attempt, he’s eligible for the death penalty. No word on whether the DP will actually be sought by prosecutors.

Lynsie, a 20-year-old community college student, had disappeared from Placentia, California back in 2001. There has been nothing new about her case in a very long time — her Charley Project casefile had not been updated even once in the six years the site has run. But the police were quietly chipping away at it in the background.

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2500-year-old missing persons case solved?

Okay, this article is almost a year old, but I just found it: according to Herodotus, in 525 BC a Persian army crossing the desert en route to attack Greece vanished entirely in a massive sandstorm and were never found. Well, archaeologists may have found the army, or part of it anyway, buried in the sand right around the place where they were said to have vanished. The archaeologists sound awfully sure that these are the ones.

Shannon Dedrick’s mom pleads to misdemeanor charge

I had written about the Shannon Dedrick case earlier: a baby, given by her mother to another woman who kept her hidden in a small, unventilated box for hours and hours before the baby was rescued. That woman was Susan Elizabeth Baker, the stepmother of Paul Baker, and the prime suspect in his 1987 disappearance.

Susan was convicted of three felony charges earlier this month in connection with Shannon Dedrick’s kidnapping. Well, yesterday, Shannon’s mother, Chrystina Mercer, pleaded no contest to one misdemeanor charge of providing false information to the police. This is almost exactly one year since Shannon’s disappearance. Chrystina got the max, 364 days in jail, but with credit for time served, she was released immediately. She got off easy. She had been facing much more serious charges, but the substance of those were the statements of Susan Baker, whose reputation for honesty is, shall we say, questionable.

Shannon is now in a foster home. Her father has surrendered his parental rights and Chrystina isn’t allowed to have contact with her at this time.

Where is Paul?


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Albert Pitkethly found dead

Albert Jay Pitkethly’s mom wrote to me to say he had been found deceased. 42 years old, he had been missing from Gimlet, Idaho since September 2001. I looked for articles and I assume Albert is the skeletal remains found by hunters earlier this month, which are spoken of in this article and this article.

Other than that I don’t know anything. Those who are in the know are keeping pretty quiet.