Still here

A nasty storm and tornado warning just blew through the college campus. I was in class at the time and for awhile we just watched developments out the windows and the professor kept making asides about it, i.e. “The paper is due on Thursday, provided the campus doesn’t get blown flat.” He let us out twenty minutes early and I walked to another building intending to go to my father’s office, but a man stopped me and said I wasn’t allowed to go upstairs.

I found Dad crouched under a staircase in the lobby and I joined him there. I wasn’t especially concerned about the tornado, but I had nothing better to do. Most of the others were herded into two really big theater-type classrooms with no windows. The man who told me not go upstairs came over to chat and said he actually had no authority whatsoever, but so far he was doing well at faking it. I told him I would keep his secret.

They canceled the warning, about five minutes before Dad was scheduled to teach his next class. He ran upstairs to print some handouts for his students. I’m still in the lobby. Shame the warning couldn’t have lasted till this evening and given me a chance to skip World War II class. We’re about to begin on the Holocaust. I already know everything about the Holocaust. I could teach this part of the course, and have the professor sit in my desk. I actually offered to do this, but she said no. Anyway, I am going to be really bored. But at least I haven’t been blown to a land far far away and had to deal with wicked witches and tin men.