An interesting conundrum

I was just reading this article about a woman named Latrice Long-Payton, who had been missing since September 26. A few days ago, Latrice’s body turned up in a trash can and two suspects are in jail for her murder.

Latrice’s family was concerned about her and attempted to report her missing weeks before her body was found. The police refused to accept the report. From the article it’s not clear what difference it would have made — perhaps Latrice was already dead by then. But it definitely raises an interesting question.

The cops refused to accept the report because Latrice already had a warrant out for her arrest for a traffic violation. That the warrant had actually been issued on October 6, AFTER Latrice’s disappearance, didn’t matter to them. They had a policy of not accepting missing persons reports for people who were fugitives. Period.

That policy sounds sensible on the face of it, but like a lot of inflexible rules, can lead to serious problems, Latrice being one of them. It seems like the notion of accepting a report for someone who has an active warrant or warrants is something that should be decided on a case-by-case basis. I certainly wouldn’t run from a traffic warrant, and I think most people would not. I might, however, run from a warrant for, say, murder. Did Latrice have a criminal record? Did she have a history of running from even minor charges?

Wonderful — Tramadol works

The Tramadol Dr. Easley prescribed for me actually works to control the pain. I’ve taken three tablets since yesterday and have been almost completely pain-free. It’s wonderful to have my head not hurt. Before, my headaches kind of reminded me of the story of Zeus and Athena — Zeus had terrible headaches, so bad that he actually had his son Hepaestus split his skull open, and out popped Athena, fully formed. It felt to me sometimes like someone was trying to punch their way out of my head.

I slept all day today. I do mean ALL day. I don’t think that was the Tramadol, though. I think I was just exhausted from all the chronic pain.