Anyone know what happened in this case?

Reginald Kirtdoll, a 17-year-old boy who went missing back in 2001, has a new AP. I know that a few months after his disappearance the police said he’d been killed in a drug deal gone bad and named a woman, Veronica Greenlee, whom they said had helped her brother commit the murder. I did some more digging today and found the brother’s name: Terrel James Weisse. But I can’t find anything on when, how or if this murder case went forward. The last articles I can find on the subject are from 2001.

It appears that Weisse, at least, was convicted. I looked up his criminal record and he’s got a long and varied one: arrests dating back to the eighties for drugs, theft, “public order crimes” and “criminal mischief” (whatever those are), and failing to identify a fugitive from justice. He apparently has a son named for him who is also getting into trouble with the law. The criminal record thing says Weisse has been in prison for murder since March 2001 (which is when the articles said he was arrested for Reginald’s death) and his sentence is due to expire in 2026. That doesn’t seem like a very long murder sentence, especially for Texas. But I can’t find any details of the trial or plea.

I looked up Greenlee’s record and found a woman who appears to be the right one, but I’m not sure how the murder case played out for her. It mentions felony murder charges from the record, but I think she might have pleaded to a lesser charge — I’m not sure, it’s difficult to figure it out. In any case, she’s been in and out of jail in Texas and Massachusetts on various charges since 2002.

You’d think there’d be SOME news about this. It was, after all, a capital murder case. But it did involve drugs and the victim was a young black man so perhaps I should not be so surprised.

Plea deal in Scott Coville murder case

Scott Coville disappeared from Sitka, Alaska back in 1988. Early this year, his wife Jane (referred to in media accounts as Jane Limm or Jane Reth) was charged with his murder. Well, this article from the Anchorage Daily News is all I can find: as of last week, Jane has agreed to plead guilty to second-degree murder.

The sentencing hearing is in late November; Jane could get up to 99 years in prison. Hopefully more info about the case will come out then; I don’t have many details.

Misty Croslin’s sentence

I found this article which provides more info on Misty Croslin’s sentencing. (There’s also this article with pictures.) She got 25 years for a single count of trafficking Oxycodone. The girl is only 18 (maybe 19 now, not sure), and she’s facing similar charges in another county and therefore more time. It’ll probably be concurrent to the first sentence, but still.

I will be the first to say that I have no sympathy for Misty. She had a very sad, deprived childhood and suffered abuse. This is unfortunate, but plenty of people go through that and don’t do the things she has done. I think she was up to her neck in the disappearance of Haleigh Cummings and has been lying about it ever since. I think she is a drug dealer — pretty dumb of her to say otherwise, when it was caught on tape. But 25 years for a single non-violent drug charge is ridiculous. And the first article said it’s the minimum time allowed, since the judge didn’t want to sentence her as a youthful offender.

I haven’t been able to find out how long Misty would have to serve before she becomes eligible for parole, but they aren’t handing out parole like they used to anymore. Her life is pretty much over now, even if she never faces any charges for Haleigh.

UPDATE: Okay, found Misty’s date of birth: December 9, 1991. She is 18.

Patrick Alford’s mom sues New York City, foster care system

I meant to blog about this before: the mother of seven-year-old Patrick Alford, who’s been missing since January, has filed a federal lawsuit against New York City, the NYS Administration for Children’s Services, Patrick’s foster mother and the owners of the apartment complex where they were living. The mother, Jennifer Rodriguez, explained that the lawsuit is to draw attention to her son’s case and hopefully find some answers as to what happened. In a civil suit, people can be forced to answer questions under oath, which often can’t happen in a criminal investigation.

I have no idea what happened to Patrick, but something very weird is going on with his disappearance. He supposedly “ran away” from his foster home and was never seen or heard from again. Rodriguez was initially considered a strong suspect in Patrick’s disappearance and was actually jailed to force her to reveal his whereabouts, but she was released after she passed a polygraph. I’m not sure if she’s a suspect anymore.

I’ve read that Patrick and his sister were taken from Rodriguez after she was arrested for shoplifting (pretty flimsy reason if you ask me), and I’ve also heard that she asked the ACS for help with the kids’ care because she was trying to kick a drug addiction. Perhaps both those things are true. Anyway, Rodriguez said the ACS should have placed Patrick with relatives instead of with a stranger. Patrick’s foster mother apparently doesn’t even speak much English.

Ruth Leamon article

I found this article about Ruth Ann Leamon, a sixteen-year-old California girl who’s been missing since 1982. The article provides a little more info on the case than I had before, but not too many details are known. The state of California is now offering a $50,000 reward for information that would solve her disappearance.

I did a bit of a double-take when they said she was 5’5 and 84 pounds. This was in her Charley casefile but I hadn’t really noticed it before. I actually checked the info with NCMEC to make sure it was correct. I went to one of those body mass index calculator sites and it said her BMI was 14. If you’re less than 18.5 you’re underweight. I wonder, did she have some kind of medical condition or what? Shrug.