Surprise: a murder confession in Shannon Fischer disappearance

A man has confessed to murdering 23-year-old Shannon Fischer, who disappeared from Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin in 2006. The suspect, Michael Burroughs, was Shannon’s boyfriend. He just walked into the police department and made his statement, just like that. Previous information indicated everyone Shannon knew had been ruled out as suspects in her case and the police thought she was the victim of a random attacker. Ah well, cops aren’t always right.

Burroughs has been arrested and first-degree murder charges are expected. Supposedly, he strangled her. Shannon left behind two young children, and she may have been pregnant again at the time of her disappearance.

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Misty Croslin gets 25 years

According to 48 Hours, Misty Croslin, one-time stepmother of Haleigh Cummings and now a suspect in her disappearance, got 25 years for charges in unrelated drug trafficking case. Misty is only, I think, 19 years old. All the other parties in the case — including Haleigh’s father Ronald (Misty’s ex-husband), Misty’s brother Tommy, Ronald’s cousin, and a friend — have gotten 15 years. I wonder why Misty got more time. Her status as a suspect in Haleigh’s disappearance might be the reason — though, officially, the one case should not be connected to the other.

Interesting article out of Las Vegas

I found this article that talks about a detective from Las Vegas who focuses exclusively on missing person cold cases, and what his job is like. It references a few specific missing people, all of whom are on Charley.

This is my favorite bit:

Holley once fielded a call from a psychic about the [Opal] Parsons case, he says. She was convinced Parsons is stuck in the trunk of a white Chevy Corsica parked by a gravel pit in Kentucky and is “mad as hell” that she hasn’t been found.

“I told her, ‘Tell Opal to hop out the car and give me a license plate number,’ ” Holley says cheerfully. “ ’Tell Opal to hook me up.’ Psychics are full of beans.”