Computer drama continues

Remember how I said I would take my dead hard drive to OSU tech services to see what, if anything, they could do? Well, I have done so, with some surprising results:

1. The hard drive isn’t dead. It was actually functioning just fine but it looked as if it had been wiped.
2. The tech services guy was able recover some 20 gb worth of files off it, but he’s not sure what files — the filenames have been lost.
3. He’ll transfer the files to an external hard drive and let me borrow it so I can have a look at them. I can do this tomorrow.

I am happy that some of this stuff has been recovered (but it is not a total recovery by any means, he said) but royally pissed that I was told a bunch of untrue things by the computer service company I paid over $200 to. Either they don’t know what they’re doing or they deliberately ripped me off — and I intend to find out which it was.

Interview with Eva Marie’s dad

I found this article quoting Eva Marie Fiedler’s dad, telling a little bit of his story. He has spoken to Eva Marie on the phone, but apparently it didn’t go well. I’m not surprised. There’s so much between them now and who knows what the abducting mother has said to Eva.

There’s also this article, Mom is waiving extradition and has agreed to return to New Jersey to face the charges against her. Of course she’s telling the old “fled from abusive ex” story.

If you look at the comments section of these articles you see some of the usual abductor defenders, yet a surprisingly large percentage of commenters supporting the father and condemning the abducting mother’s actions.