Guilty verdict in Joseph Patrick Martin’s murder

Daniel Malak has been found guilty of the murder of Joseph Patrick Martin, who vanished from Kerhankson, New York on March 25, 1996. Joseph, who was 15, sneaked out of the house to join Malak, then 16 or 17, and a 15-year-old friend, Alexander Barsky, to watch a comet. Instead, Joseph’s “friends” beat him to death with a metal pipe. This crime wasn’t discovered for over a decade. In the meantime, Malak went to prison for a home invasion murder in 1997.

One part of the article leaps out at me: Using information supplied by Barsky, state police forensic experts found some teeth and bone near the spot where Martin’s body had been dumped, and the remains were identified as Martin’s, Carnright said.

This is the first I’ve heard of this. I wonder just what sort of bone this was. If it was a finger bone or something, he’s still missing in my mind.

From another article, a comment from a supporter of Malak: It is clear to anyone who actually paid attention to everything that has been presented against Malak in the case…that they wrongly convicted him. He is not guilty of the charges that were pressed against him and anyone not emotionally involved with this case can see that. If the things brought out in trial were broadcast in the paper instead of just what the DA wanted everyone to see, it would be painfully apparent. Wouldn’t you rather know the truth, than have someone wrongly convicted?!

So, if Malak did not kill this boy, what does this supporter think really happened?

21 thoughts on “Guilty verdict in Joseph Patrick Martin’s murder

  1. Kat October 4, 2010 / 9:24 am

    I’m just curious as to what “the truth” is. I see that a LOT on MP sites, esp. ones with convictions…everyone wants to yell and scream about “the truth” not coming out, but no one ever provides details. I don’t know if it just trolls or what. That brings me to another point of interest I’d like to hear your opinion on, Meaghan. I’ve been on some sites where “anonymous” posters flat out name ppl. they think are involved in cases. You would think that is borderline slander or something. Poor taste, at least. Conspiracy (?) theories at best. It makes me a bit uncomfortable, to be honest.

    • Meaghan October 4, 2010 / 12:08 pm

      I really don’t like it when people say on blogs and stuff “I think so and so did it” if they don’t have any actual evidence. That kind of thing stays on the internet forever and it can seriously make life difficult for the people so named, even if they are later shown to be innocent. Of course, people can’t help forming opinions, and I think talking about it privately is okay, but it seems very wrong to accuse someone of murder on a public forum based off a “feeling” or something. If there was evidence to implicate the person named, that’s one thing — I often blog saying I believe so-and-so is guilty of a crime, even if they haven’t been charged, because of the evidence that has come out about them — but hunches really shouldn’t be broadcast like that.

      I get my own hunches, of course. One Charley case in particular, I had some very bad feelings about one of the parties involved who had not been named as a suspect or had very much said about her at all. I just had a hunch. I kept silent about it for years because I didn’t see the point in blogging/board posting about it, since if the person was innocent they had suffered enough. Then some actual eyewitness evidence came up to implicate this person. So my hunch was right. But other hunches I have may not be.

      I kind of got a taste of this kind of thing myself in the whole rape drama last summer. One person in the comments outright accused me of filing a false report with the police. Of course they had no proof of this and were only going by their impressions of my writings on the incident, and of course it was absolute nonsense. And filing a false report about a rape is a terrible crime, imho — if it’s not a felony it should be. But this individual just blithely accused me on the basis of a couple of blog posts. I felt like saying, Well, if you really think I filed a false report, call the Fairfax County PD with your evidence…oh, wait, that’s right, you don’t have any.

      • Kat October 4, 2010 / 12:14 pm

        Ah yes, your good online friends. Again, as i’ve said, remember the rest of us KNOW the truth and support you one hundred. I don’t care what they said, I live close enough that if I had wanted to, I could have joined the witch hunt “proof” wise. It’s a load. No basis. And proof otherwise. I understand how it would make you leery about other online accusations though. I just get all weird a bout seeing that sort of stuff online, ppl being named, etc. You would think that is illegal. And I’m not talking opinion, I’m saying I’ve seen flat out naming someone.

      • Meaghan October 4, 2010 / 12:25 pm

        I once jumped all over a woman on Websleuths about this. A missing girl was found dead — with very little information available as to what happened, I don’t think the case had even been ruled a homicide yet at the time, although of course it was — and she posted a comment saying simply, “I think the father did it.” And I posted a reply saying did she have any evidence for this, because it was entirely possible that Dad would see and read her comment and if he HADN’T done it, she is only making his pain worse, etc etc.

      • danielle October 5, 2010 / 10:40 am

        I remember a case here in Orange County Calif back in the 80’s. A father was charged and convicted of his daughter’s rape/murder. He killed himself in jail. Turns out the construction guy next door did it. See…..
        The lesson for me is, now I don’t let my kids ever tell anyone they are home alone, especially my 20 year old daughter who looks more like 14/15 years old. We have construction all the time in the general area. Lesson to be learned.
        Although it has to be frustrating to KNOW who did it but not have good evidence.
        …..remember the Ramsey’s? Innocent but now we know for sure

  2. Princess Shantae October 4, 2010 / 10:48 am

    So this supporter is not emotionally involved? That’s realy pretty funny.
    I say if they find a bone, even just one bone, he is found. I mean, he’s not running around with one finger gone or missing a couple ribs.

    • Kat October 4, 2010 / 12:16 pm

      Acccccccccck. That just grosses me out. Have you seen the articles about all those feet in the NW? Even the experts do not know. It is nasty. I’m sorry, I just could deal with a body, but parts? All the time on my beach? No.

    • forthelost October 4, 2010 / 7:22 pm

      You can live through losing a finger without medical attention. Not so with a foot.

  3. Kat October 4, 2010 / 11:11 am

    Ah, Princess, I love your comments (not sarcastic at all, really!). I agree. I thought, from the casefile, that he killed him, stuffed him in some sort of culvert, and then went back and dumped him in trash cans or something in NYC. I’m shocked they got a conviction. But hey, one more off the streets. And all “supporters” are involved one way or the other. I have to say, I’ve taken a hard look at a few cases and am on the fence. I get it, but like I said…details, details.

  4. Princess Shantae October 4, 2010 / 12:24 pm

    Thanks Kat!
    Remember a couple years ago when that lady pretended she found a finger in her chili at Wendy’s. And the plants where the chili is made were all going “No, nobody’s missing any fingers that we know of!” Like somebody could lose their finger at work and nobody can find it, which would mean they didn’t shut down the machines or anything. lol Yuck.
    I still like Wendy’s chili though.
    But seriously, do you know about that serial killer up in Canada witht he pig farm? All they ever found from most of his victims was just their dna on some of his stuff, but they considered them not missing any more.

    • Meaghan October 4, 2010 / 12:40 pm

      I suppose it depends on the circumstances. Like, I mean, they only found miniscule bits of many of the 9/11 victims but there’s no doubt that they’re dead. Pretty much the same with the pig farm guy. Also Helle Crafts:

    • Kat October 4, 2010 / 12:55 pm

      Oh yeah, Pickton. Walter, maybe? That was a lot bigger story when it first came out. He’s kind of Ridgeway, but with less bodies. Look into Canada papers and you might have some luck. Lousy bastard.

      • Meaghan October 4, 2010 / 1:00 pm

        Robert Pickton, I think.

      • Kat October 4, 2010 / 1:20 pm

        Yes, you are right, thanks. I knew I knew it…..details get fuzzy.

      • Princess Shantae October 4, 2010 / 5:38 pm

        He went by Willie, I think. Big stupid-looking guy, like an ape.

      • danielle October 6, 2010 / 10:31 am

        He FED the victims to his Pigs???? Fed to Pigs???

      • Princess Shantae October 6, 2010 / 11:48 am

        Yeah, he did. And the pigs were made into sausage and sold all over the area.

  5. Princess Shantae October 4, 2010 / 12:46 pm

    That case is always on the true crime and forensic shows. I think of it every time I see Fargo.

  6. Tessa Bridgeman July 6, 2012 / 10:42 pm

    I need to speak to his parents. If you know them, please have them email me. It is about Joseph.

    • Meaghan July 7, 2012 / 11:40 am

      I don’t know them.

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