Everybody pray.

Having nothing to lose, I asked the university tech services people to have a look at my dead hard drive and see if they can salvage anything. They said to bring it over Friday. I would really like to get some stuff off of it if I can.

I highly doubt this will work. If the professional Michael-recommended computer people couldn’t save anything, it seems unlikely that OSU Tech Services can. But there’s no harm in a second opinion, and it will be free.

Guilty verdict in Joseph Patrick Martin’s murder

Daniel Malak has been found guilty of the murder of Joseph Patrick Martin, who vanished from Kerhankson, New York on March 25, 1996. Joseph, who was 15, sneaked out of the house to join Malak, then 16 or 17, and a 15-year-old friend, Alexander Barsky, to watch a comet. Instead, Joseph’s “friends” beat him to death with a metal pipe. This crime wasn’t discovered for over a decade. In the meantime, Malak went to prison for a home invasion murder in 1997.

One part of the article leaps out at me: Using information supplied by Barsky, state police forensic experts found some teeth and bone near the spot where Martin’s body had been dumped, and the remains were identified as Martin’s, Carnright said.

This is the first I’ve heard of this. I wonder just what sort of bone this was. If it was a finger bone or something, he’s still missing in my mind.

From another article, a comment from a supporter of Malak: It is clear to anyone who actually paid attention to everything that has been presented against Malak in the case…that they wrongly convicted him. He is not guilty of the charges that were pressed against him and anyone not emotionally involved with this case can see that. If the things brought out in trial were broadcast in the paper instead of just what the DA wanted everyone to see, it would be painfully apparent. Wouldn’t you rather know the truth, than have someone wrongly convicted?!

So, if Malak did not kill this boy, what does this supporter think really happened?