Computer update

Stupid computer is still in the repair shop. I was supposed to get it back today but I don’t think that’s happening. The repair guy called to say the hard drive was failing (news to me) and needed to be replaced. They had two different kinds in stock. I don’t know anything about computer hardware so I said, “If you were me, which one would you pick?”

Of course he recommended the more expensive one.

On the bright side, I suppose that a brand new hard drive is guaranteed virus-free. And at least they caught this hard drive thing before the computer just up and died on me.

All week I had a headache, all the time, and no over-the-counter stuff would touch it. Finally, after four or five days of suffering, I went to the doctor for a shot. He said it was a stress headache. No wonder.

One thought on “Computer update

  1. Jaime September 24, 2010 / 8:17 pm

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