Two family abduction cases: kids found, but are they ever going to come home?

Hannah Marie Aguilera-Hurtado, age one, and Teresa Charlene Aguilera-Hurtado, age six, were abducted by their non-custodial father from Rhode Island in June 2008. They were recently listed as located…but they still haven’t been sent home to their mother. This article from the Albuquerque Journal tells the story: the two girls are living in a government orphanage in Cancun, Mexico and the authorities are trying to figure out to do with them.

Teresa and Hannah are US-born, US citizens, and so is their mom, Jennifer. Their father, Miguel, was in the US illegally when he married Jennifer and he initially lied to her about his name. (He called himself Mario Canifari and when he fessed up to her, he said he used the false name to avoid racism against Hispanic people.)

Although the NCMEC announced the girls’ recovery just a few weeks ago, this article says they were found in APRIL and they are still stuck in the orphanage as their case makes its way through the Mexican court system. Their Mom went to Cancun to fight the case and she’s determined she’s not going to leave until she gets her daughters back — she says she can’t afford it, anyway — but she’s not even allowed to visit them.

It is a well known fact that institutionalization is bad for children, especially very young ones, and adversely affects their development. And these girls have a mother who is willing to care for them and has custody of them in their home country. What’s the holdup here, people? Argh!

Meanwhile, Chandler, Hayden and Rebekah Clark (ages 23, 20 and 17) have been located safe in England. (They are still on Charley but won’t be for much longer.) Their mother, Eileen, took the kids and walked out of her marriage in New Mexico in 1995. They found her in another city, served her the divorce papers and told her to appear at a custody hearing. Instead she ran with the children, leaving their father wondering and worrying for the next fifteen years.

Well, according to this incredibly biased article, the kids seem to be all right. The oldest one is in law school, the middle one has been accepted to college and the youngest is in sixth form (which I think is like the British equivalent of being a senior in high school). They’re really unhappy about the situation and the disruption in their lives — and I can’t say I blame them there — and Eileen is royally pissed about her recent arrest and the United States’s extradition request, going on about how it is going to ruin her kids’ lives etc.

Well, she should have thought of that before she ran off with them. She didn’t just leave, the way the Telegraph article makes it sound; she deliberately hid them. The info in the article about the statute of limitations is also incorrect. Statute of limitations usually applies only as long as the offender is still within the state where the offense took place. This is to prevent criminals from fleeing to avoid prosecution — which was precisely what happened on in this case.

The Clark children all say they don’t want to be reunited with their dad, who would presumably be willing to provide a home for them. I wonder what they’ve been told about him. Only Chandler would be old enough to remember much.

It’s a very sad situation all around.

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  1. Princess Shantae September 5, 2010 / 2:43 pm

    The Clark kids might change their minds once they get used to the idea. I think they’re all old enough to understand that they should at least make some kind of contact to let their dad know how they are doing. But he’ll have to understand that they’re adults or close to it now and they’re not the same kids he remembers.

  2. Celeste September 6, 2010 / 2:48 am

    Hayden and Chandler are old enough to decide for themselves what they want to do where their father is concerned but Rebekah is still a child until later this month and then what happens? They can’t enforce the custody order after she turns 18 and what will she decide then?
    In fact who even knows what the mother told the children about their father anyways?

    • Meaghan September 6, 2010 / 4:36 am

      Indeed they probably can’t enforce the custody order now. I’m willing to bet that very few states would be willing to force a 17-year-old to live with a parent they didn’t want to live with. There would be very little point to that.

  3. Kim Clark Esposito September 9, 2010 / 2:46 am

    I am the sister of John Clark. I was Eileen Sams Clark sister in law and I was also a bridesmaid at their wedding. The article discussed about my sister in law and my niece and nephews is a huge distorted mistruth. The picture posted in the Daily Telegraph of the three, Eileen, Hayden and Chandler is the first time in fifteen years my brother, my parents,( Chandler, Rebekah and Hayden’s grandparent’s), my brother Clay and I have seen of them.
    My brother is not guilty of anything but having a difficult marriage with an unstable spouse.
    The article published in the Daily Telegraph states basics untruths. First and most importantly she fled one day, out of the blue and took everything she could with her. She never once tried to contact my brother to end a marriage let alone stay in one. To this day, my brother and his family does not know why she “fled” and kept the children from my brother. No one seems to ask the question that has haunted me and my family for years, “If she was so unhappy and so distraught, Why didn’t she just divorce my brother? All she had to do was share custody with my brother and then that would have allowed her NOT to flee. She would have broken No LAWS and the kids would have had two parents.
    After reading the poorly written article about my sister in law and her fleeing….
    I came up with more questions.
    The article stated she was separating from her second husband Her current spouse is her THIRD spouse. She was married to an actor before she met my brother. Also, why is she still using my brother’s last name???? If she was remarried, why would she not want to hide her where abouts even more by using her new “husband’s name”? Eileen and the children entered England illegally. At the time there was a warrant out for her arrest and she was knowingly fleeing the country. All the children as well as Eileen entered England illegally. They are not citizens of Britain; they are all citizens of the US.
    My niece Rebekah stated at the end of that article that she thought it ridiculous that the FBI was looking when there were murderers running about and they were looking for her mum. Well, to my niece, Your mum purposely broke laws and purposely separated you and your brothers from your father and his family. She purposely, with malice, created a tortuous painful separation towaryour father. Why would you children not want to know about your dad? Why would you not want to seek him out and find out who you are from him?
    I can imagine the things you have been told….. and then I begin to cry.
    Think carefully how you would feel when your three children were taken from you and to this day an self centered ex spouse refuses to let her own children see the truth for what it is.
    It is easy for all of us to see these separations and lifelike struggles and have a one liner to retort to the ridiculousness of situations like this. My husband and I have seen so much waste in this struggle. None of this had to happen. Eileen was the creator of all of this nonsense, with most likely some help from her family. All this could have been easily resolved simply by separation and divorce with joint custody. Oh, by the way, another lie, my brother was divorced by proxy from Eileen two years after she disappeared with the children and there was NO joint custody.If there was joint custody as she stated in the article, why was John seeking to find the children at all and why was joint custody not being shared liked she stated? And why was she “fleeing”?

    My parents and our family would love to have relationships with these three children. We have worried that that might never happen. My parents are aging and time is fleeting. We have things to offer to these kids that could shed some light on why they look the way they do or even why they walk the way they do. We have had hopeless years of wishing to share a holiday with ALL of us together. We look forward to having an opportunity to knowing my brothers children. Speaking just for myself, I would love them to meet my sons and to see old pictures and videos we have of them when we shared times together. We are decent law abiding family that would just like just the law to be practiced. We are not perfect. We make mistakes, but we do value family and the strength you get from that family. After all, what are laws for, if no one follows them? Then again, what are laws for if no one enforces them! No one likes to think of punishment for anyone. My sister in law broke many laws. There are consequences for that. Her family has many lawyers in it. They all know the legality of the actions my sister in law chose to break.
    After all this time, when it all comes down to today, I would just like to see my brothers children, learn about their lives and help them and my family to find a way to know one another again. Chandler, Rebekah, Hayden. We have never forgotten your birthdays or Christmas’ or Easters, and certainly you have always been in our thoughts and prayers.

  4. Lisa September 9, 2010 / 5:23 pm

    Dear Kim,

    Your letter just breaks my heart. These sort of cases infuriate me beyond words — absent PROVABLE abuse, no parent should ever be refused contact with their children. To flee for no reason and deny a father (or a mother, my rage goes both ways) the right to see his/her children grow up? Not even knowing if they’re alive or dead? That is cruel and inhumane, and to be honest, there isn’t a jail sentence long enough for those people. Or a hole deep enough to throw them in.

    I hope one day your niece and nephews will AT THE VERY LEAST make contact with their aging grandparents and their extended family. My cousin’s daughter is here on Charley, and both of our grandparents died without knowing what happened to her. It is a fate I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

    You and your family will be in my prayers.

  5. Kim Clark Esposito September 9, 2010 / 6:10 pm

    Lisa! Thank you Thank you Thank you….. There is more on the internet today. She now has made oral statements on the local British news station and many lies come from that as well.
    Your words mean alot to me and to my parents and children. I have stayed low in these years for my brother. i am not doing that now. This is outrageous and I am wishing that a good end can still come from this. I still see my ex sister in law putting the threee children in her path to resolutions with my brother. She still uses them to keep my brother at bay.
    I will look to hear from you Lisa. Thank you again……….Kim

  6. mutiny September 26, 2010 / 11:50 am’i-homes
    The article above refers specifically to Hawaii but it is what happens all across America. Just look at the articles about Family Courts and Domestic Violence on this site. It is indeed a VERY VERY terrible situation for women. I understand her family were lawyers. I’m sure they knew the terrible state of affairs and advised her to just pack up and leave…though like all of you no one knows anything without truly knowing the situation. Why do so many people get their 2 cents worth in when they have NOOOOO idea what-so-ever what really happened.

    Sometimes women HAVE to flee. I can understand why she may have picked up and left if she were being abused and if her husband had money. Women can no longer disclose abuse in the Family courts without being critisized in America. She most likely saved them from years and years of being dragged from home to home and a terrible life of litigation.

    As for the comment: “no parent should ever be refused contact with their children”…That’s outrageous. There are serious sex offenders out there who should in no way have access to their kids. Also…what about parenst who have murdered a childs mother or father and doing time? Why should those kids EVER be forced to see that parent.

    I also read another entry from Kim Clark last night stating that Eileen had left the dog behind and seemed to be implying that was cruel and she went on to say that she was now looking after the dog because Mr Clark is too busy with work. That made me laugh. Is he so busy he can’t even look after his own dog? How would he cope with 3 children?

  7. Kim Clark Esposito September 27, 2010 / 7:36 am

    Kim Clark Esposito here. First, let’s get the facts straight regarding your post to this site. There are a few things that need to be cleared up.
    I never said that the dog, Amos, was left behind because Eileen was being cruel. Never said that. Never even crossed my mind. I was simply stating the fact that because my brother was working all day and because he was at work my father, who was at home during the day took care of the dog for my brother. Read the comments I wrote again… If you are going to write about something talk about the facts, not your perceptions. My father looked after the dog in 1995-2000. I NEVER looked after the dog. I was suggesting that when Amos the dog passed that it was the last LIVING reminder to my brother and our family of the children. Amos loved the children very much.
    Why would you state ”That made me laugh. Is he so busy he can’t even look after his own dog? How would he cope with 3 children?”
    After Eileen disappeared, my brother was running his own business. He worked 12 + hours a day while his children and wife were gone. My father took on the task of caring for the dog so that the dog, Amos, could have some attention throughout his day. Why is that so funny to you? My brother always worked and provided for his family. Eileen did not work during the marriage except for some small parts in a television program at one time early in their marriage. She chose to home school the kids. My brother helped to cook, clean and would spend his weekends with his family. Just like any average marriage in America.
    Whether Eileen or John divorced was there decision. But….. what she did, by kidnapping the children was wrong. Evil. Cruel. And that can NEVER BE applauded. There are outlets for anyone to seek support in any situation. You obviously think that it is okay to ignore law and propriety for selfish reasons. Implying that her family members, members of the bar, would help to break their oaths and encourage a family member to flee does not make any sense at all. They would have been putting their own livelihoods and reputations on the line. As responsible members of the bar their duty is to pursue the law not to break it! Your position about fleeing does not hold up. If no one followed law then there would be chaos. Your example in this case would be paramount to a rape victim not reporting rape because the courts won’t take her seriously.
    There were never “any terrible state of affairs” in the marriage between my brother and his former wife. Many of the NEW claims made in the new press release by Eileen in the Telegraph in England were not truths. For instance, the reporter stated that Eileen was getting her second divorce in England. Eileen was married before my brother to another man. That would make this divorce her third. Even the circumstances regarding that divorce were symptomatic of her fleeing response. The only difference was she did not have children in that marriage.
    My brother has been successfully and happily married for 12 years now and has helped to raise his current wife’s two children. Hum, …… interesting,,,,,,Think about it!!!!No accusations of terror or abuse or violence. After all, doesn’t the theory that once you are an abuser, always an abuser?

    Your thoughtless support of ANY parent, male or female, taking any child away from a spouse is incomprehensible and flat out a irreprehensible. These kidnapping parents are willingly breaking the law. You write…………”Why do so many people get their 2 cents worth in when they have NOOOOO idea what-so-ever what really happened”.
    Do you know my ex sister in law? I am the sister and sister in law of the two persons in the scenario and the aunt of the three children. Practice what you preach Mutiny, and keep your two cents where they belong…. because Mutiny, my two cents mean allot more than yours does…unless you are helping to aid and abet my sister in law…….There was NEVER any claims of any abuse or violence or anything in the marriage. Tell me, how does anyone ever defend themselves from a negative like abuse or violence or more?
    Eileen Clark’s just due was to take her children and disappear with all the saved money the two of them had incurred. So, whatever wealth or fortune you think my brother had by your implications is flat out wrong. The only person in the marriage with any serious financial support was Eileen. Her family could well afford most things.
    If I sound a little upset, it is because our family and I are fed up with lies, sly and unsubstantiated innuendos and untruths regarding my brother and false claims made toward him. Very few cases are ever brought to such lengths as they have been in my brother’s children’s case. The FBI and our state department rarely seek extradition. It can be very costly and certainly time consuming. 15 years is a long time to seek justice!
    Let Eileen get extradited back here and face the consequences of her former decisions. Her claims are unfounded. Let the real truth come out. Our family is NOT afraid. She has only proven to those looking for her all this time that she has used the three almost grown children as a buffer between my brother and herself. Attorneys representing her side at one time even offered my brother a chance to communicate with the kids if charges were dropped against my former sister in law. I know allot that I would never disclose to you or anyone else about my sister in law. I would never disclose unkind truths or information out of respect for her and her privacy. After all, she is the mother of my brother’s children and she is the only mother they have ever known. It is too bad that they have had NO chance to know their father.
    I notice that your name on this blog is MUTINY. Interesting choice for an avatar. I think it reflects your attitude and your choice of a response towards me as well. My name is out there for the world. I am not hiding behind any other name. I have nothing to hide. I read the article you posted from the DART. The implications provided from this article and attached to my words on Charley’s Project is simply unfair. The system only works when we all make it work. It is not right that anyone can falsely accuse anyone of a crime and get away with it. It is also wrong for any media or any person to assume that those claims therefore become the truth. Responsible writing comes with facts and using the information truthfully. You could not even quote me properly about a statement I wrote regarding Amos the dog.
    There are rights and wrongs created every day. I have had friends that have suffered from abuse and violence. I empathize with them and other victims as well. But, there are always two sides to every story. Sadly, way too many spouses are disenfranchised from their children. When you decide to write a post extending a verdict about what my former sister in law did and criticize me in the mean time, start with the facts. You didn’t even get the story right. You have me misquoted. You used an article from DART, an organization for helping professionals report on violence and abuse and you did not report in your comments the real facts……… Just to make the record complete, here is what I actually said on the Disenfranchised father blog….…. “Thank you, Thank you and more thank you’s. Thank you for posting my remarks I made in the Oxford Mail regarding the other side of a kidnapping story regarding my former sister in law Eileen Clark. My family has been silent all these years with the hope that the justice system would prevail and that the truth would prevail. Because my former sister in law has now come forward publicly my parents and I want Chandler, Hayden and Rebekah to know that we would love an opportunity to know them and reunite with them. 15 years of silence is a long time. The pain that was perpetrated on my brother and our family has been a long standing one. When Eileen took the children and disappeared, they left behind the family dog Amos. As Amos aged, my father began to care for him because my brother was working so very much. Amos never left my father’s side. Amos finally passed away and truly that was the last living remembrance my brother had of the children. Amos’ passing was a painful reminder to my whole family of the lives we were missing. Comprehending this ridiculous forced separation instigated by my former sister in law has never made any sense to us. I don’t think it ever will. All we care about now is trying to start from this point and get to know the almost grown children. We are not intent on punishing anyone. We would just like a resolution. Laws have been broken. There are always consequences to broken laws……”
    So, now that I have corrected the record, are you still laughing? This is NOT a laughing matter. These issues are painful and they are personal.

  8. renna October 1, 2010 / 8:41 pm

    To Kim Clark Esposito, These “Children” are grown adults. IF they want to have a relationship with their father now it is up to them. You keep going on and on about “the years you missed” you have no idea what those years would have been like. MAYBE just maybe they are happy where they are. Have you ever thought about that and you know what…NO MATTER WHAT EILEEN CLARK IS THEIR MOTHER AND THEY PROBABLY DONT’ WANT TO HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE BAD MOUTHING THEIR MOTHER. Irregardless of what YOU feel she may have done to YOUR BROTHER. The only people who know what went on between them is them. There ARE MARRIAGES THAT ARE FILLED WITH ABUSE AND NO ONE EVER KNOWS ABOUT IT. The fact is she left and 15 years have passed. If she was right or wrong you can’t change that and badmouthing her is not going to make those “grown adult” (children) want to get to know you. So instead of typing how great your brother is and what a horrible liar and lowlife their mother is…..MAYBE YOU SHOULD GROW UP OFFER TO BE THEIR FRIEND AND IF THEY DON’T WANT TO HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOU ACCEPT IT AND MOVE ON.

    • Laurie Hogan Mike Hogan February 15, 2018 / 1:32 am

      I realize this is a very old article, but I wanted to let you know that Parental Alienation is AWFUL, and for the families sake I pray for the best, but fear the worst. Will these kids ever recover from the lies and distance that their mother put in them. They were not given the opportunity to have a father and that is NOT RIGHT! God Bless the entire family for having to go through this awful mess. My heart breaks for them, When reading about it there was not a moment that I could have even believed the things she said about John and if they were true, then file reports, go to the ER. Petition and gain full custody. These kids are GROWN ADULTS that were not allowed to have a relationship with their father and people just don’t MOVE ON from this. I hope you never have to go through this, and worse yet to have to watch one of your own children go through this. Im sure then you would change your tune about “Just Move On” These kids needed a family, a father, and their family is not “Friends” but family that was robbed from them.

  9. renna October 1, 2010 / 8:48 pm

    “As Amos aged, my father began to care for him because my brother was working so very much.

    And again if he was working so very much that he couldn’t even take care of his dog? Like you said…your family IS NOT PERFECT. You just haven’t grown up enough to accept that FACT.

  10. renna October 1, 2010 / 8:57 pm

    One more thing and hen I will let you go. You keep going on and on. Pushing and pushing for a relationship with these “grown adult” children. You have offered, they prefer not to have a relationship with you yet still you keep harrassing them. Do you know that the not being able to accept the answer NO and LEAVE ME ALONE are signs of abusive personality. Maybe your family is so filled with people who are emotionally, mentally, verbally and physically abusive and it is such accepted family practice that you dont’ see it as wrong. NO means NO and these “adults” Are happy in the life they have and want you to leave them alone. ACCEPT IT AND MOVE ON ALREADY before they charge you with harrassment.

    • forthelost October 2, 2010 / 1:36 pm

      One, as far as I know Eileen Clark has not claimed abuse.

      Two, as far as I know the kids have not spoken directly with their paternal relatives and the paternal relatives have not spoken directly with them; they have just stated in the media they would like to have a relationship with them.

  11. mutiny October 3, 2010 / 9:58 am

    to Kim Clark Esposit – I couldnt even be bothered to read your rant. You are hogging the site

    Please watch this link everyone! (Mr Clark refusing the chance to have a relationship with his kids)

    Your brother MR John Clark had plenty of chance to develop a relationship with his kids but he chose not to, instead preferring to punish Eileen. Your behaviour is aggressive and his is aggressive (see video). If he wants a relationship with his kids now, he should show some respect for their mother and how well she has raised them…but then i bet that really bothers him. Maybe he should show some resepect for his adult childrens choices. THEY ARE ADULTS and SAFE and should not even be on this site.

    Your husband has not been in prison and I find that a gross statement when so many people in america are in prison for petty crimes. You have no idea what prison is like.

    You and MR Clark are treating the children (ADULTS now) like property…like you own them

    My name Mutiny, I picked merely because it was on the tip of my tongue because I am researching a book called From Madness to Mutiny – why mothers are fleeing the family courts and what can be done about it. Women have to flee sometimes to protect themselves and their children. If they didn’t, they could be charged with ‘failure to protect” The Family courts give abusers custody all the time.

    • forthelost November 16, 2010 / 5:31 pm

      Oh, hey, an update. The two boys have met with their dad! They said they love him! Are trying to build a relationship!

      Anything to say about that?

    • Wendy Dukes January 6, 2011 / 5:36 pm

      You cannot really be serious about your comments! So if your kids were taken away, you would just get over it! Is that really what you are saying!! And you are probably not reading Kim Clark’s comments because it is too educated and over your head. Yes it has been 15 years because Mr. Clark couldn’t locate them. So he is just supposed to accept what has happened and move on???!!! That will set a good example for other people that want to flee with their kids for no reason> The man took a lie detector test. Maybe his ex-wife needs to take one. An oh yeah I would suggest an IQ test for you!!!

    • Jeff Harrell November 9, 2017 / 10:40 am

      And you just got YOUR uninformed two cents in…

  12. mutiny October 3, 2010 / 10:14 am

    One more thing…I really find it appalling that sites like this list children who are adults and who are safe and happy. I could list at least 20 adults who are listed still as child abduction cases where these adult children are known to be safe and happy. It’s an infringment of their civil liberties and adding senstaional words like “endangered” is pure slander. I’m sure that a case can be made against these sites for doing this.

    • forthelost October 3, 2010 / 2:49 pm

      Name them, then.

      Oh, and Eileen Clark lost the hearing because she never showed up. If you don’t show up, you lose automatically. And the article you linked to didn’t say anything about the kids wanting to reunite with dad if the charges were dropped.

      I’ll ask point blank. Do you think there’s any sort of circumstances where a mother shouldn’t have custody of her kids?

  13. Kim Clark Esposito October 3, 2010 / 6:15 pm

    Posted on the website “Children of the Underground Watch” the book MADNESS to MUTINY was actually written by a suspected Leader of an underground group that helps to hide and subvert kidnappers and their children… Here is the link for people to refer to……….. it has been described as who’s who of underground supporters.
    here if the link for review

    This wonderful website is for the missing young and the old. If you take time to review the site, missing persons are talked about all over the site and they are of all ages. After all, kidnapped children do grow up and some are found in later years.

    The comments from Renna and Mutiny are supportive of Eileen Clark. That’s their choice. I never threatened or hurt anyone in my statememts, nor did I mis-quote or mis-state their words to me. Both commentators with comments accuse me of being abusive, being abused, being controlled, being tortured treating me poorly. Let me ask you this, ” If I am abused, emotionally, physically, sexually, should you not be showing empathy and COMPASSION?” Just where is that FEMALE COMPASSION. Is there no end to this constant barrage of unsupported and flat out untruths? More and more groups in our society are deciding which persons are guilty. And even if they are found innocent they are still guilty.
    I am not a victim. I have never been a victim. I will not be a victim. You can’t make me a victim, only I can do that.

    I in no way am the enemy here. It has been important for my parents and I to let these young adults, Rebekah, Chandler and Hayden know that if they ever want to reach out to us, we would love that sincerely. I see nothing wrong with that. Both Mutiny and Renna have now chosen me to be a target. Not only does my brother appear to be the bad guy, I am now too! I was threatened by both and then the website was as well. How is that NOT AGGRESSIVE and ABUSIVE? Not all women are abused. Not all men are abusers. There are some parents out there that actually take their children from the other spouse because they can. Sometimes those persons are suffering from other illnesses, other outside influences and pure lack of any ability to know how to do the right thing. All you have to do is go through this site and see how many women and men harm their children. Real Abuse is gender blind.

    Kidnapping is NOT a petty crime. I found two definitions of kidnapping to post. Here is one from wikipedia :

    In criminal law, kidnapping is the taking away or transportation of a person against the person’s will, usually to hold the person in false imprisonment, a confinement without legal authority. This may be done for ransom or in furtherance of another crime, or in connection with a child custody dispute.
    This is from a website with legal information….

    Websites like this can help to inform, educate and share ideas. I was trying to show another side of a story that just happens to be my families story. As I said, it is painful and it is personal.

    These websites, CharleyRoss in particular, are wonderful and they rarely show bias. They allow families and friends of missing persons to come together and show support and share information. How is that harrasing anyone.

    Happy children becoming happy adults is a relative thing. It is really not pertinent to the crime at hand. Happiness is relative to any situation. Just because they might seem happy does not mean that a crime was not broken.

  14. Athena December 10, 2010 / 8:32 pm

    Are there any more updates on the Aguilera-Hurtado girls. I knew them and there mother in New England and wonder if they are safe?

    • forthelost December 11, 2010 / 6:06 pm

      I’ve not seen anything. I hope they can come back home – there’s no reason they shouldn’t come back to Rhode Island.

  15. John W. December 13, 2010 / 8:25 pm

    I just spoke to John Clark this evening and he is in good spirits. I’ve known John for 20 years and he is a great friend and a first class guy and I am so happy that he has located his kids. He has spent YEARS searching for them, never giving up. There needs to be a picture of him in the dictionary by the word persistance. We talked about this abduction many times and he was determined to see them. That’s all he wanted. That’s all he’s ever wanted. God bless you John Clark.

    • Carroll January 4, 2011 / 8:05 pm

      When Eileen Sams (Clark) was served divorce papers in Sante Fe, NM or Ranchero Santa Fe, NM, she did not appear in court and your friend John Clark, got custody and articles about Eileen, say she was taking anti-depressants at the time. I’m guessing that she did not want John, the children’s father, to have legal custody, so….decided to skip the country and now lives in Oxford, Britain.
      I have to say, John W. I saw John C. on Dr. Phil today and he’s in remarkable spirits, all things considered. Read a blog from John’s sister and she believes, as do I, that Eileen has stolen everything from John Clark and I believe she deserves to be penalized.

  16. kbeck8261 January 4, 2011 / 6:33 pm

    to Ms. Esposito,
    I saw your brother and the piece on Dr. Phil today and went in search of more about this. The article in the Telegraph (I believe that was the paper) immediately struck me as one sided which was what made me look further.
    I wish you all the best as you move forward. I come from a large family and know exactly what you mean about wanting to share the old videos, have your children and these children develop a relationship. It will take time.
    kimber B.

  17. Carroll January 4, 2011 / 7:11 pm

    I watched John Clark on Dr. Phil today and another URL states she suffers from depression. Mr. Clark also underwent a polygraph test by an expert, followed up by an independent polygraph test and as for her ” alluding” to abuse from John Clark, that proved to be a total falsehood.
    She is guilty of taking her children from their father and has thorougly brainwashed them. Even a pastor from a church where Eileen Clark attended, including some of the members, said Eileen Clark exhibited unusual behaviour.
    I hope one day, John Clark and his three adult children will be re-united as friends because they never will be….father and children.

    • forthelost January 4, 2011 / 8:01 pm

      His two sons have reunited with him. This was fairly recent, however. I think they even came back to New Mexico.

  18. Amy January 4, 2011 / 10:24 pm

    If my mother ever took me away from my father for more than half of my life I would resent her. And I would seriously ask her to see a therapist because people don’t just leave out of the blue. That lady Eileen is in serious need of therapy. When I think of mothers who take their children away from their father, I think maybe there getting abused or their life is being threatened but this lady just takes the children away, how awful. I don’t think Eileen needs to be put in to jail but I think she needs to be put in a mental institution till she makes sense of what she did. Of course like Dr. Phil always says a pancake always has two sides. But one side makes more sense than the other.

  19. Kim Clark Esposito January 5, 2011 / 7:42 am

    I would like to thank everyone for their good wishes and kind words. My brother John and his wife and step kids have been spending the Christmas holiday with the two older boys, Chandler and Hayden. I was suppose to fly out there as well to meet them but the Christmas flu wiped me out. I was very disappointed I didn’t get to be there when they got off the plane. They actually met up with my brother in November and spent a complete day together before coming to New Mexico. My brother helped them secure valid passports. The boys are well. I have spoken to them. They are articulate and very engaging on the phone. They genuinely appear to want to know our family. I am so very happy for my brother. There are still extradition issues for Eileen. That could take sometime. There will be one more show on Dr Phil. That is being taped next week and then it will show sometime in Feb, I think. Although my neice is still at arms length from all of this, we are hoping that time will cure that and possibly a relationship can happen there as well. Thanks everyone for your words of support. I will keep everyone posted.

    • forthelost January 5, 2011 / 4:08 pm

      We’re all very happy for you.

  20. alfie svoboda January 7, 2011 / 7:08 am

    I too saw the report on Dr. Phil. I am glad that he has been reunited with the boys. I remember a case on Unsolved Mysteries where the mother kidnapped the child, and ran off to Europe, and the father started searching for him. Sadly, when he finally located his ex wife, he found his son had passed away from leukemia years before and the wife never notified him. Eileen has committed a crime and she needs to pay for it.

  21. Daniel January 11, 2011 / 11:11 pm

    Just watched the re-run of the episode and wow, I’m glad the 2 sons are with him now.

  22. wagar August 3, 2011 / 2:42 pm

    I think the people ie Mutiny are so discusting. The aunt comes on here seeking help and you bash her. I agree with her. If the father of your children took off you would just say ok no problem???? Wow thank goodness you weren’t my mom. The same goes for Renna. I guess you don’t know what it feels like to be a parent? I hope if you are or ever become one the father of your children doesn’t take off with them because we know you wouldn’t look for them. At least once they were adults you would say whatever get over it, your grown. You people are shocking. You both have no idea what it means to have a family and I feel very very sorry for you. Kim I wish you and your family nothing but happiness. You totally deserve it!!!! Good luck with everything and I hope Eileen gets everything that is coming to her. She needs to face some jail time for this. I could not imagine doing this to my children.

  23. Caren August 23, 2011 / 5:51 pm

    MUTINY.. you are trifling. This woman had NO right what so ever to take these children, she did NOT own them, it doesn’t matter what her pathetic excuses were, she deserves to spend some time in prison for all the pain she has caused. She is a kidnapper and a liar not to mention a selfish individual, she and only she has brought pain and heartache into her childrens lives, she raised havoc by stealing them. she is pathetic and so are you. Kuddos to Mrs Esposito for standing up for your family, you did the right thing. I certainly hope that John and his children can rebuild the life that this inconsiderate “mother” took from them. Good luck to the Clark family. Justice will be served once Eileen is thrown in jail.

  24. Maureen's Sister August 23, 2011 / 8:38 pm

    Just saw an update on Dr Phil. The two boys were there with their dad, his wife, and her children. They all looked very comfortable and happy together and I hope his daughter/their sister joins them soon and discovers all the family that has been missing her all these years. I saw no tension or sense that Mr Clark was violent in any way.

    My sister was killed by her husband when she told him she was leaving. They did not have any children (thankfully!) They had been together for 12 years. We knew he wasn’t okay but she tried so hard to make the marriage work. She died knowing her family was willing to help her… many offers to help her.

    My point is this: if you are going to leave a dangerous relationship make sure you have an exit-plan. Womens shelters can truly save your life. Don’t think it will never happen to you or someone you love. It happens every day. Do it because people love you. Protect yourself. My sister died almost 20 years ago and I miss her every day.

    Love you, Maureen

  25. Hector February 1, 2012 / 3:13 am

    I can’t find out where this case is at. What’s the result? I’m very interested because I was in a similar situation to the father , John.

    My fiance gave birth to my daughter and then cut contact with me when I got my transfer orders in the Air Force. She didn’t like where I was going. I had to do a paternity action and the mother started making false allegations that I was abusive, taking things out of context that I had said and changing the timeline of things. Eventually the dna test went through and it said it was my daughter. Then I had to do a visitation plan and she never showed up to court or responded to anything at all. But by this time I was in Colorado, several states away. I hired a PI to find her and came up with nothing.

    I found her through Facebook last year and she used a different name. I saw her picture on her old classmate’s page by looking at the high school page she said she went to. I found my daughter on her page and contacted her. She is 17 now, 16 then. She said her mom told her I was abusive and didn’t want anything to do with her and cared more about my job and that I cheated on her. I tried to explain what happened and my daughter wrote back, “mom said you would say this. I have a dad and you’re not my dad and never will be”. I was hesitant to do this because I knew this was likely to happen and didn’t want it to be real. Now I know. I don’t want to go after her mother. I just want to connect with my daughter in some way. I have left her alone. I don’t want to get drawn into arguments. What’s frustrating is that this is exactly what her mother wants.

    I read comments on here about abusive personalities not taking no for an answer and pursuing relationships with people who don’t want one.

    This is just manipulation. Taking children who don’t know the facts and preventing them from building a bond with somebody like a biological parent, distorting things about that parent, and then saying that parent is abusive because they can’t respect what has happened. Just down right evilness. That is parental alienation at its worst. That is abusive to the other parent and in many ways the child too. People who justify this behavior have that parental alienation mentality whether they actually do it or not. And for those who say it’s not a syndrome and is not used in court, well it doesn’t matter what the court says. Victims of it know it’s real. And parental alienation is real even if a legal body doesn’t say it’s a syndrome, it still recognizes it as an act that’s not good for children and parents.

    Parents who do this love to hide behind the innocence of the child to justify their evilness.

    Eileen Clark has taken advantage of her children’s innocence. Of course they feel awkward around a man they have not seen for so long and can’t remember. Of course they feel bonded to their mother. She has raised them. That’s all they really know. She has stolen that opportunity from John Clark and he will never get that back.

    It doesn’t change the fact that she is a kidnapper. She is a criminal and a horrible unstable person. Hiding behind the fact that she raised children doesn’t change that.

    Think of how easily John could’ve done the same thing and then claimed the abuse card or the parental alienation card and taken off with the kids. Somehow I get the feeling this would enrage women and he would be considered the devil. They’d be saying he should be punished too.

    She is a criminal. She broke the law. She hurt people. She robbed a man of his children. She robbed the children’s right to make their own decision. End of Story.

    • Meaghan February 1, 2012 / 6:59 am

      Well said, sir.

      All that I know about the outcome of this case is here in the comments section. The two older kids met with their dad, anyway, and it seems to have gone well.

    • Kim February 1, 2012 / 8:15 am

      My brother John has been in contact with both sons, Hayden and Chandler for the past year and a half. They have visited and he has flown over to England. I recently met my one nephew Hayden, after Christmas and he stayed here with my family. He met with my mom and dad for the first time in 16 years and it was so jubilant. My two sons are Hayden’s age and the three certainly fit well together. We took him to our city here in Philadelphia and then on to New York City to see lower Manhattan. I am looking forward to more time with both of them soon.
      I have researched alot since my brother reunited with his sons. Above all other information I could find, parental alienation stood out as a topic that most observers are not really aware of. People like MUTINY and ReNNA would do well to read up on that topic. What has happened to my brothers children is not undone easily and will take some time to rebuild and reaffirm.
      Because you, Hector, are in a similar situation, i would advise you to seek out every form of support that you can, keep a journal and most of all, do not give up.Your child is worth every miniute of your struggle.
      My former sister in law has pretty much used up all her appeals to fight extradition. She is scheduled to be sent back to this country sometime in the spring and then on to New Mexico to face charges and a trial. In many ways that feels bitter sweet. All this could have been avoided. None of this had to happen. The alienation perpetrated on my brother by his ex- spouse and her family created such a scary place for those three young people. In the end, all any of us can have is some sense of peace. And from there, my family only shakes their head because of the time spent spinning lies and untruths all in the name of what???? Truly this was and still feels like a non sensical crime meant to hurt my brother and ending up hurting his own kids as well. I look forward to those kids in my life and want to thank all those kind supporters on this blog for their kind words and support.
      Hector, keep the faith and keep your head up high. Be strong and keep in touch.
      Thanks, Kim

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