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I found this article that gives a detailed account of the events leading up to the disappearance of Toni Sharpless, a 29-year-old nurse who went missing just over a year ago. Toni was bipolar, but very high-functioning — none of her friends even knew she had the condition. Unfortunately right before she disappeared, she was drinking heavily and she had been up for 36 hours straight. That’s not good for anyone but it’s especially bad for someone with a mental illness. And the article says she wasn’t taking her meds regularly. This probably contributed to her disappearance.

The private detective Toni’s family hired to investigate her disappearance has talked to me. The detective’s theory is that she is alive and was forced into prostitution. I’m wondering though, since her car was never found, if she isn’t in a lake somewhere. Drunk and upset, she may well have accidentally driven off the road.

One thing I’m sure of is that she didn’t leave on her own. Toni is described as a devoted mother to her young daughter, whom she was bringing up alone, and her job shows that she was a responsible person.

2 thoughts on “Toni Sharpless article

  1. Zoe September 4, 2010 / 5:51 am

    I am thinking you might be right. Seems like surely her car would have turned up if it had just run out of petrol as they theorise and she was taken … besides they speculate she may have run out of petrol near a river.

  2. Melinda March 8, 2016 / 9:37 pm

    Poor Toni…her case is another one that haunts me. She sounds like she was very smart and hard-working, but had a lot of mental/emotional problems.

    I agree that she most likely didn’t leave voluntarily. I think she was abducted or harmed, either by a stranger or somebody she knew.
    That could easily have happened considering her emotional state at the time. According to Crystal Johns, Toni’s bipolar disorder had been a secret…had she known Toni was on medication, there was no way she would have allowed Toni to drink that much.

    They wound up leaving the party because according to Crystal, Toni was very intoxicated and became angry.
    She started throwing things and poured champagne on the floor; she also used some racist language despite having a biracial daughter herself.
    The host of the party was African-American, so he wasn’t too pleased with this behavior. Toni was asked to leave and Crystal left with her to try calming her down. This didn’t work…Crystal said Toni turned on her and made her get out of the car in an unfamiliar neighborhood.

    One theory I’ve heard is that somehow Toni ended up in Camden, where she had a run-in with a cop who killed her and then paid a friend of his to hide the evidence.
    Somebody sent an anonymous letter to Toni’s family claiming that this is what happened. Another theory (like you mentioned your convo with the detective) is that Toni was in Camden and was forced/trafficked into prostitution. There were supposedly sightings of her in that area but I’m not sure if those can be confirmed.

    Your theory is also a possibility, Meaghan. Being drunk/tired/upset, she could have been in an accident and has never been found.
    On the show “Disappeared” her mother suggested this as well. Anything is possible, really. My heart goes out to her family because they need closure.

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