Another unreported missing child

I found a series of articles about Tia McShane, who would be eleven years old today, if she is still alive, which she probably isn’t. She had cerebral palsy, was confined to a wheelchair and really couldn’t do anything for herself. Tia’s mother died this past June and then her father, who hadn’t seen Tia since she was three, began looking for her.

Tia was last seen in the fall of 2006. In the past five years she hasn’t used her Medicaid card, and her mother, Alicia McShane, said she’d given her daughter into foster care. Alicia said she gave her up because she couldn’t take care of her medical needs. The story wasn’t true, but no one questioned it until Alicia died and Tia’s dad, William, tried to find her.

Well, they found a storage unit Tia’s mom had rented. She stopped making payments in March 2009. Inside the unit were human bones. No prizes for guessing whose.

I really need to make a list of children who weren’t reported missing for months or years after their disappearances. Offhand I can think of Qua’mere Rogers, Rilya Wilson and several others.

Articles about Tia:
Fox 10 TV (with picture)
Fox 10 TV again (with another picture)
The Pensacola News-Journal

Article about missing trio from Fort Worth

I found this article about one of Charley’s more bizarre cases: the disappearances of seventeen-year-old Mary “Rachel” Trlica, fifteen-year-old Lisa “Renee” Wilson and nine-year-old Julie Ann Moseley, who vanished from a Christmas shopping trip at a mall in Fort Worth, Texas two days before Christmas in 1974.

Three people vanishing off the face of the earth all at one time is weird enough. Nobody seems to have seen or heard anything. They left their car in the mall parking lot with Christmas presents inside it. The two older girls didn’t even know Julie all that well. Rachel had recently married (girls married young back then) and Renee had a serious boyfriend. There was no indication of trouble in their lives or families, but that hasn’t stopped sordid rumors of family involvement.

The day after the disappearances, Rachel’s husband got a letter supposedly from her, saying she, Renee and Julie “had to get away” to Houston and would be back in a week. There’s considerable doubt as to whether Rachel actually wrote the letter, however. For one thing it was addressed to “Thomas,” and Rachel always called her husband “Tommy.”

God only knows what happened to those girls. Their disappearances could have a book made of them.

Article for Tristen Myers

I found an anniversary article for four-year-old Tristen Myers, who’s been missing from North Carolina ten years next week. (He disappeared on my birthday.) No clues as to what happened to him; he was just gone.

The article doesn’t provide any details on Tristen’s history but as I recorded on his Charley page, he went through a lot in his short life. His father is unknown; his mother, a fifteen-year-old exotic dancer, was killed in an accident six years ago. He was born in Mississippi, but he was sent to live with a great-aunt and great-uncle in North Carolina after his grandfather ran over him in a drunken accident. He apparently had some fairly severe psychiatric problems and was aggressive towards other children and to himself.

I really hope he found a good home somewhere. But I don’t think he is alive.

Townspeople form “chain of life” to find girl lost in cornfield

I found this article about how a whole town turned out to search for a little girl who’d gotten lost in a cornfield at night. They formed a human chain and searched, row by row, until they found her.

One of my brothers was also lost in a cornfield once. He was about fourteen years old. He went to a drinking party at Halloween, drank half a bottle of vodka, wandered off into a cornfield and passed out. It was really cold, freezing or below, and they thought he might freeze to death before they found him. But the sheriff’s department came out with bloodhounds and they found him with no harm done, except he got put on juvenile probation and had to go to alcohol education classes — “drunk school.” Part of the classes included parental involvement, so my dad went, and they asked him why my brother had drunk so much in one sitting like that. He reckoned that my brother just didn’t know how to drink, since neither of my parents drink or keep any alcohol at home, so he didn’t know you shouldn’t drink so much.

Cold case disappearance articles

I found several today, all from 14-year-old cases, oddly enough:

A Daily Item one for Jesus De La Cruz, a six-year-old missing fourteen years today from Lynn, Massachusetts.

A Tundra Drums article for Stella Evon, age seventeen, who disappeared fourteen years ago tomorrow from Bethel, Alaska.

And a Northern Life article and a Bay Today article for Melanie Ethier, a fourteen-year-old missing from New Liskeard, Ontario fourteen years ago tomorrow. She’s not on Charley cause there’s no American connection.

Also, an article about missing people in Botswana.

Murder charges in Laura Thompson disappearance

Thanks to the Charley Project blog commenter that alerted me to this story:

They’ve filed murder charges against two men in the 1993 disappearance of Laura Thompson from Pennsylvania. A fifteen-year-old single mother of an infant, she had previously been classified as a runaway and I had nothing on her until today. The break in the case came this past summer when Shannon Marshall, the soon-to-be-ex-wife of Joseph Marshall Jr., came to the cops and said her husband and his friend, Sean McDonough, had killed someone. Shannon was with them when they dug up the body and dismembered it. She didn’t tell for 17 years, until she decided to end her marriage.

Laura was apparently a friend of Joseph and Sean, and was last seen when she went to play cards with them. It sounds like a very sick murder. They stabbed her to death — no motive given — and then had sex with her corpse. I’m assuming they’re looking for the body. I hope it turns up.

Westminster Cable Network
The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
The Pittsburgh Channel

Another missing illegal immigrant, another typical response

Justin showed me this article about a thirteen-year-old Guatemalan boy who vanished while crossing the Mexican border illegally to join his mom in Arizona. I have not heard of this kid before. He’s been missing for two months and it really doesn’t look good. It seems unclear whether he vanished on American or Mexican soil — thereby giving both country’s authorities an excuse not to look for him.

What really gets my goat, though, is the barrage of ugly, vicious, racist comments attached to the article:

She is illegal and so is her son. I care nothing if they are found dead in the desert…The more of them found dead, the better off the world is.

Another one down…how many to go?

Good riddance to this gang banger.

And there was another comment, which I can’t find now and must have gotten deleted (and rightly so), saying something like “Her son is dead and he’s a good boy, because the only good wetback is a dead wetback.”

No matter how you stand on the immigration issue, you’d think people would feel some compassion for this child, and his mother. If this boy disappeared on American soil, then the American authorities have an obligation to look for him, the same way they’d have an obligation to look for someone from, say, China, or England, who disappeared within the United States borders.

The racism inherent in the illegal immigration issue bothers me a lot. If you are in this country illegally, you are MUCH less likely to be deported if you’re white. When people come here seeking asylum, either they’re let go on bond until their court date, or they’re put in immigration detention, and it’s a proven fact that people of color are MUCH more likely to be put in detention than white people. There was this one guy I know about who disappeared in Texas, and who was originally who was from Russia. I saw a board post from the police officer whose department was investigating the case, saying they had found the Russian man alive and well in another state. The cop added, and I quote, “He’s here illegally, but because he’s not Hispanic and he’s not Middle Eastern, we’re not going to do anything about it.”

I was horrified. I mean, I don’t especially care whether they deported the person or not. But I was shocked and deeply saddened that a public official would openly state that they were not going to enforce the immigration law in his case for the sole reason that he was white. The guy was every bit as illegal as someone who’d crossed over from Mexico. It’s like a judge saying at sentencing, on the record and in front of everyone, “Well, if you were a black guy you would be getting five years for this offense, but since you’re white, I’ll let you off with probation.” Disgusting.

What is it about illegal immigration that seems to rile up so many people, even more than crimes like murder and selling drugs? I mean, for example, you don’t see a lot of people saying “Who cares about Haleigh Cummings, her parents were drug-dealing criminals and they deserved to lose their kid, and she would have turned out the same way as them” or something like that. I am horrified by these people’s utter lack of empathy. I swear it makes me want to cry.

UPDATE: I found this article with photos of the missing boy. They think they might have found his body, but they’re not sure.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving

Michael did NOT have food poisoning. I know because I am now sick as a dog.

He was really sick and took two days to get better. He threw up all night and then actually slept all day the next day — he never sleeps during the day — and then missed work the next day — he NEVER does that. He said he hurt all over and I was giving him Ibuprofen and Seven-Up and stuff. On the second day, which is to say last night, he was getting better and he’s going back to work today.

Then, last night around ten, I was sitting on the couch reading when I had a sudden thought, got up, walked to the bathroom and vomited. I hoped it was unrelated to Michael’s sickness — I sometimes vomit due to my hypoglycemia, and my diet’s been off lately — but when it happened three or four more times during the night I was stripped of any illusions. I finally quit vomiting in the early morning hours, but by then I hurt all over and felt incredibly weak. I went to bed but I felt so terrible — everything hurts right now, especially my lower back — that I couldn’t sleep and kept waking Michael up with my whimpering. I was afraid to take anything cause I could get sick again, but Michael made me take Ibuprofen and Seven-Up and I’m waiting for it to work. I’m really only online right now just to distract myself from the pain. I had forgotten a fever could hurt this bad.

AND today is my second day of classes — that is, the first real day — at the university. Really not a good day to miss. But I am in no condition to make the two-hour drive to the university campus, and I don’t want to inflict what seems to be a highly contagious illness on others. My professors will just have to accept my excuses.

I think I’m going to do some stupid online quizzes or something.

Cruddy things that have happened to me this week

1. My computer hard drive croaked and it was in the shop for five days.
2. They had to replace the hard drive.
3. They could get nothing off the old hard drive.
4. It cost $220 altogether to fix.
5. My watch broke. (Not a huge deal, it only cost like $10 and I got it with a gift certificate anyway, but I had really liked it and got a lot of compliments on it.)
6. I had a headache that lasted four or five fracking days and had to go to the doctor.
7. He refused to give me any Demerol, which is what I always got before for severe headaches, and which had worked beautifully. Said he doesn’t keep it in his office anymore cause an employee stole some. I got Toradal instead, which took care of most, but not all, of the pain.
8. I now have another headache.
9. One of my dearest friends in the entire world is moving out of state on Monday and who knows when I’ll see her again.
10. My boyfriend has been up half the night throwing up. He is miserable and by extension, so am I, because I can’t do anything for him besides force him to drink a lot of water. I’m really hoping it’s food poisoning and not something contagious.