Article about Peter McColl

I found this article about Peter McColl, who was missing fifteen years on Saturday. The article includes several pictures I had not seen before.

Peter’s case is very puzzling. He was a sixteen-year-old out-to-be-junior in high school in Berkeley, California, an honor student, athletic, with a good family and no apparent problems in his life. He hopped on a bus and just vanished off the face of the earth. His family doesn’t live in Berkeley anymore but their hearts still ache for him and they still hope he’ll be found.

As his mother was quoted in the article, “Anything could have happened to Peter.” A six-foot, 160-pound teenager is hardly a likely candidate for abduction, and if he ran away he chose to do so with nothing but the clothes on his back, without having received his driver’s license, leaving all his stuff and $100 in cash behind in his room. The religious cult angle seems as likely as any, but who knows? His case reminds me a lot of Jason Jolkowski‘s — two good-looking teen boys with contented lives who may have been taken by aliens for all we know.