Sonar technology used to look for missing woman

The police have announced that they are going to look for Karen Adams‘s car using sonar. Karen and her car have been missing since 2007, and the cops seem to think she might have driven into a river or a lake. (In my experience, that’s a very likely possibility.) Find the car, and they find Karen — or at least they find a clue.

Recently they found Crystal Wilson, who’d been missing six and a half years, inside her car in a lake. You couldn’t see it from the ground, but a helicopter or something flying overhead spotted the vehicle. I hope the sonar turns up something in Karen’s case.

Babysitter arrested in Pilar Rodriguez case

As was announced today, Pilar Rodriguez‘s babysitter, Melissa Cooper (now Melissa Jones or Harding-Jones), has been charged with killing her. Melissa had taken Pilar on vacation with her and her boyfriend, Keith Allen Wilson, in 1999 and Pilar vanished sometime during the trip. Melissa and Keith have been blaming each other for it ever since. Melissa married after Pilar’s disappearance, had a couple of kids and now lives in Washington state.

I’m surprised it was Melissa who was arrested, because for years the cops have been focusing on Keith. She’s charged with aggravated manslaughter and faces a 30-year sentence if convicted. Articles:

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