Misty Croslin pleads no contest in drug case

Eighteen-year-old Misty Croslin, girlfriend-then-wife-now-divorcee of Ronald Cummings and person of interest in the disappearance of Ronald’s daughter Haleigh, has pleaded no contest to seven counts of drug trafficking. Misty, Ronald, Misty’s brother Tommy, Ronald’s cousin and another person were charged after undercover cops filmed them selling $3,900 worth of prescription drugs.

Each of the counts carried a maximum of 30 years in prison, so Misty could potentially face 210 years. But all the other suspects have gotten 15 years and I expect Misty will get the same, or less, since she is only 18. But to someone that young, 15 years is a VERY long time. Perhaps her attorney will play the “bad childhood” card. There is some substance to that; I think you might have to start figuring out the members of the Croslin family who are NOT in jail. Misty and Tommy’s parents are also locked up for drug offenses. It’s all extremely sad.

As to what this means for the investigation into Haleigh’s disappearance, your guess is as good as mine.

Moira Anderson article

I found this good article about Moira Anderson, an eleven-year-old girl who’s been missing from Scotland for over half a century now.

There are some cases, like Moira’s, which I would like to be able to profile on Charley if I could. Genette Tate is another. I actually read one of the two books her father wrote about her disappearance, which is available in only two libraries in the US. (The second book isn’t available at any library in the US.) It was written in 1979 and I reflected on how much thinking seems to have changed between now and then. A person quoted in the book said he looked at Genette’s missing child poster photo and thought no one could have kidnapped her for sex because she was so obviously a child, but then he found out it was an old picture (at age 10) and Genette (who was 13 when kidnapped) was actually considerably more developed than the photo showed, and he changed his mind. Apparently it never crossed the man’s mind that someone would want to have sex with a child. 😦

But if I listed those cases, I would have to do the same for them all, and I have a hard enough time keeping track of American cases.

Anyone know what happened with this case?

Back in 2002, Mariela Karbowski was confessed to the murder of her estranged husband, Karl Karbowski, who frequently went by his middle name, Terry. She said she beat him to death with a toaster — the article I read specified that it was a two-slice one. It’s a rather unusual murder weapon and prompted a few jokes on the internet about the need for better toaster control, people should have to have a license and a 30-day waiting period to buy a toaster, etc. Anyway, although Karl’s body was not found, Mariela was charged with murder.

And then…nothing. I have been unable to find a single article after the ones where Mariela was initially charged. Surely she should have been tried by now, but I can’t find anything about it. Karl is still listed as missing with the Texas Department of Public Safety.

I appeal to you, Charley Project Blog readers, for assistance in this matter. Whatever became of the Toaster Murderer?