Little Jane Doe identified

Authorities have finally identified a child known as Little Jane Doe, who found buried under a bridge in Tempe, Arizona in 1979. She was estimated to be between three and five years old. The cause of death couldn’t be determined due to decomposition; the neck was broken, but that might have been a postmortem injury. One clue was the newspapers the body was wrapped in, dated 1966.

Well, Little Jane Doe finally has a name: it’s Surette Clark, age four. She was murdered by her her stepfather, Wayne Roberts, in 1970, and several members of the family knew about it (including Surette’s mom) but it wasn’t reported for years and years. Roberts was convicted of murder in 1996, and paroled in 2008 (already!). He will remain on parole until 2018.

I had never heard of Surette Clark before today — not that that surprises me. There are loads of missing people out there that no one knows about.

Rest in peace, little one.