He’s baaaaaaack!

Over a year ago, as I recorded on my blog, a guy named Pri wrote to me offering to do some programming for free that would make updating Charley much faster and easier for me. I really liked what he suggested, but then he vanished off the face of the earth. I assumed he had just balked at the amount of work he’d have to do, and changed his mind but couldn’t work up the nerve to tell me so or something. This sort of thing has happened before and to tell the truth I half-expected it, so I wasn’t upset about it. I was like, “Oh well.”

Well, Pri wrote me the other day saying he had not buggered off on me but in fact had been very sick for months, and he was just getting well enough to get back into life again and wants to finish the project with me. He showed me a prototype which I like, and other people whose opinions I solicited like it too. I hope now that Pri is on the mend from whatever ailed him, we can finish this thing. It will make things much better for me, and I think make the site look more professional too.

Hasanni Campbell missing one year

As this article notes, five-year-old Hasanni Campbell will have been missing for one year on Tuesday. The little boy, who had mild cerebral palsy and was in pre-adoptive foster care with his baby sister, vanished under mysterious circumstances from Oakland, California. After an initial burst of media attention, public interest in his case fizzled.

It appears that one or both of Hasanni’s foster parents, Jennifer Campbell (his aunt) and Louis Ross, were involved in his disappearance. They were actually charged with his murder, but quickly released for lack of evidence, and they’ve split up since then. This article says they both moved out of state, Louis to Maryland and Jennifer to Arizona. The police have admitted they’re pretty much clueless about where to look next, though they’re probably still plugging away at the case behind the scenes.

I think it’s a shame that that beautiful child, who obviously got the short end of the stick in life, was so quickly forgotten by the local news, and that his foster parents haven’t been more forthcoming about whatever it is they know.