Melinda Duckett/Nancy Grace lawsuit

Justin sent me this article (a few months old) about Melinda Duckett’s family’s pending lawsuit against Nancy Grace, which is scheduled to go to trial late this month. For the uninitiated: Melinda is the prime and only suspect in the 2006 disappearance of her two-year-old son, Trenton. On September 7, which was twelve days after Trenton’s disappearance, Nancy Grace conducted an aggressive interview with Melinda for her talk show. Melinda committed suicide the next day, hours before the interview was scheduled to air. She was only twenty-one years old. Her family is suing Nancy Grace for wrongful death, alleging that the interview pushed Melinda over the edge and caused her to shoot herself.

I will freely admit that I can’t stand Nancy Grace. But I really hope this lawsuit does not go anywhere. This is not a Phoebe Prince situation. Melinda’s death is of course regrettable, and I feel very sorry for her parents and grandparents and whatever other family she has, but Nancy Grace did not make her kill herself. Melinda had a history of depression and unstable behavior, two prior admissions to mental hospitals (as documented in the article), and an extremely volatile relationship with her ex-husband with accusations and more substantial things thrown on both sides. Furthermore, the facts indicate that Melinda was almost certainly the person behind her son’s disappearance — God only knows what she did to him — so she had only herself to blame for the situation that lead to her death.