Loren Herzog

Loren Herzog, one of two men convicted of killing Chevelle “Chevy” Wheeler in 1985, Cynthia “Cyndi” Vanderheiden in 1998 and one other person, is about to be paroled. His partner in crime, Wesley Shermantine, was sentenced to death and Herzog got 78 years, but most of that was tossed on appeal and he copped a plea to manslaughter instead. 14 years. Well, now those 14 years are up.

Initially is was announced that Herzog would be out on July 25. But the police say there was a “clerical error” in calculating his sentence and he’s not due to be released for “several weeks” more. This is very unfortunate. The man is a monster and suspected serial murderer.

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Husband charged in 30-year disappearance of wife

Thomas Collard, who was married to June Collard who went missing in 1980, has been charged with second-degree murder in her case. At the time, Thomas said June had run off with another man. Earlier this week he finally confessed to causing her death. He said he hit June during an argument and she fell, struck her head on something and died. Apparently a lot of people have suspected something like this. The Collards’ oldest middle daughter, Tammy, said she repeatedly confronted her father and demanded that he tell the truth, but he always denied everything.

Kudos to the New York police for their persistence in investigating this very old case and bringing closure to June’s children and the rest of her family.

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