Australian mass murder case finally resolved?

I think I dimly recall seeing a website years ago about this notorious family annihilation case out of Australia. A man named Elmer Crawford pulled a Robert Fisher: he murdered his pregnant wife and three children, put their bodies in a van, pushed it off a cliff and vanished off the face of the earth. That was forty years ago.

Well, now the police believe they’ve found him. They think an elderly man who died of a heart attack in San Angelo, Texas in 2005 may be Crawford. Facial recognition experts say he is. Certainly the man was hiding from something: his fingerprints had been burned off and he was carrying ID in four different names (including that of an imprisoned murderer). If the guy is Elmer, he would have been 75 at the time of his death. DNA will be required to try and identify him.

The cops will, if necessary, exhume one of his murdered children’s bodies to get the DNA, but right now they’re hoping a living relative will provide it. There’s one woman who claims to be Crawford’s illegitimate daughter and one who believes she’s his half-sister, but neither of their claims are 100% solid. He might have some cousins in Northern Ireland.

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Sandoval murder live

Per Justin: you can follow the ongoing murder trial of John Sandoval here. He’s accused of killing his estranged wife Kristina, who’s been missing from Colorado since 1995. John has a history of stalking women, and when the police went to speak to him after Kristina disappeared they found him nervous, actively trying to avoid them, his face, neck and chest scratched, his hands dirty, and suspicious items including a muddy shovel in his car.