More details about Amber Nicklas

Yesterday I wrote about Amber Nicklas, a foster child abducted by relatives, being found after six years. She turned up in the care of an unrelated family in Phoenix. I found this article that gives more details about her disappearance and family situation. Her mother had given up parental rights and Amber was living with her grandmother when she was “forcibly removed.”

Amber’s three teenage aunts had a court-approved visitation with her when they took her to a restaurant and snatched. Two of them were caught and sent to juvy, but the third, thirteen-year-old Sabrina, was missing with Amber for the next six years. Police have located and interviewed Sabrina. They say they think Amber was living with this family in Phoenix where she was found since shortly after her disappearance. The family hasn’t faced any charges yet and may not be charged. They say they adopted her, which I guess is sort of true, but they obviously knew there was something not strictly kosher about this “adoption.”

This case has made huge news, even outside the USA. I’m not sure why, since this was a family abduction.

2 thoughts on “More details about Amber Nicklas

  1. Jaime July 15, 2010 / 11:07 pm

    I believe after Jaycee Dugard child abduction cases that are solved after a long period of time (even if they are family abuductions) are going to get more attention. I’m not going to complain though because any attention on missing people for the most part is a good thing. Now only if they could solve long term family abduction cases such as the Clark, or Zaharias siblings or the Yates sisters that would be a find.

  2. Kelsie September 16, 2010 / 3:16 pm

    The Clark siblings were actually found in Sept 2010 in England. Their mother was arrested, but the children refuse to have contact with their father. The boys are adults now, but Rebekah is still only 17. All of them are furious with their father and authorities for arresting their mother. That just makes me sad and partly disgusted at them. Yes I know they were probably told horrible things about their father over the years, but he is still their father. Their mother did something horribly wrong and illegal. Why can they not see that??

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