Taking a few days off

I think I’ll just not update Charley for a few days. I’m exhausted and insomnia-struck and my ears hurt again. I haven’t felt like doing much. Mostly just reading.

I just finished Zuleika Dobson by Max Beerbohm, a peculiar and anachronistic satire from 1911. It’s a girl who visits Oxford University and she is so striking that all the undergraduates fall in love with her and drown themselves for the love of her. And the Oxford dons barely notice that the entire student body has vanished. The name Zuleika means “brilliant and lovely.” Zuleika Dobson most certainly was not — she was a twat. But this book is her name’s only claim to fame — and Max Beerbohm’s as well, it was his only novel and nothing else he wrote was really worthy of posterity. In fact, some people argue that Zuleika Dobson is unworthy of posterity too, but I found it amusing.

I am rambling. I will stop now.