Better late than never: a rare happy ending

Someone sent in his article and video that little Quranah Gilliam, who disappeared without a trace from Elizabeth, New Jersey in January 2005, was found alive, well and apparently happy in the Bronx (ahem) over a year ago. (And she is still on Charley. Not for much longer though.) Quranah was a year old when her father, Laquan, dropped her off with a family he knew and asked them to look after her for a few days. He promised to come back, but he never did and he’s now in jail on drug charges. The family tried to found out who she belonged to, but Laquan had given them a false name for Quranah and she herself was too little too help, so they just decided to keep her and raise her as their own.

Well, eventually two and two were put together, DNA testing established Quranah’s identity and she was sent to live with her cousins. I hope she is able to maintain contact with the adoptive family that took care of her.

Alas, all is not rosy in this picture — Sherrie Stout, Quranah’s mother, disappeared with her and has never been located. *looks hard at Laquan*

UPDATE: My criminal background check thingy says Laquan is doing five years in South Woods State Prison in New Jersey for selling drugs on school property. He’s up for parole in September. I hope the parole board asks him some hard questions about what happened to his ex.

2 thoughts on “Better late than never: a rare happy ending

  1. Princess Shantae July 9, 2010 / 12:57 am

    The moral is be careful who you agree to babysit for cause you just might end up having to raise them and maybe get attacheed and then have to give them up.

    • Meaghan July 9, 2010 / 1:09 am

      I’ve heard of that sort of thing happening. I saw once where a guy wrote to Dear Abby saying a woman he barely knew asked him to look after her son for a few hours, then she never came back. He said he had had the kid for months and planned to raise him on his own, but he had no money and what should he do. Abby told him to get in touch with social services and they’d probably let him be the kid’s foster parent with resulting allowance.

      It’s a good thing Quranah landed this nice family rather than some family that would have neglected her or beat her or sold her or whatever.

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