Still on standby

The best experts among my family and friends have thrown up their hands at my computer internet connectivity problem. The computer recognizes that there is a connection, but it won’t connect to it — even when wired directly to the router! I am going to have to call the internet service provider and have them mess with it. My guess is that the virus, in its death throes, took a parting shot and uninstalled/disabled some essential programs or something.

I am using another laptop now, which is wired to the router because it doesn’t have a wireless card. It also doesn’t have any USB ports — it’s that old — so to heck with my trying to update by transferring files between computers. This other laptop has Windows Millenium and the only browser that will work with it is Opera. Opera is okay except that when you’re typing it doesn’t show where your cursor is. You pretty much have to guess, which is really annoying, especially when you try to add something to the middle of a paragraph.

What with the holiday weekend and all, probably I won’t find any professionals to fix my ailing computer until some time next week. So missing people will have to wait.

On the brighter side of things, everything else on my computer works except the internet connection, I have plenty of library books (including the delightful Mein Rant: A Summary in Light Verse of Mein Kampf), I’m going to go see the fireworks on Sunday with my boyfriend and his family who have the best viewing spot in Van Wert County, and I have an idea for another play I’m going to write. (I am still revising my first attempt at a play, an allegory about the Holocaust.)

So, somehow, I will survive.