Technical difficulties, please stand by

Yeah, so last night my computer got hijacked by a really nasty virus — I knew that illegal downloading was going to get me in trouble someday. The wages of sin, I guess. I could not open ANY programs at all.

Anyway, this afternoon I took it next door to Wendy the Minister and the woman, god bless her, went above and beyond the call of duty for me. She worked at the computer for like four hours and purchased updated anti-virus software for me with her own money. She was able to remove the virus but now for some reason the computer won’t connect to the internet. I’m writing on a borrowed one now.

So, adios to updates till I can get this fixed — hopefully today.

Possible break in Jacob Wetterling case

Eleven-year-old Jacob Wetterling was abducted at gunpoint by a masked man near his St. Joseph, Minnesota home over twenty years ago. The case got a lot of press attention at the time and since, but to all appearances had been gathering dust over the last several years. Now, it looks like there’s a break.

The police are swarming around a farm near Jacob’s home, having obtained a search warrant in his case. Very little information is available, as the police are not disclosing anything, but they seem to be removing furniture and barrels from the property. This article says a reporter called the residence but the woman who answered refused to comment. There’s an aerial photo of the search site.

I am not going to rejoice yet; I have seen too many bursts of activity on cold cases lead to nothing. But this search cannot be anything other than good. It shows that the police are still working on Jacob’s case and that they had enough evidence to get a warrant against someone. Even if they don’t find Jacob or the person who took him, at least they might be able to rule out some suspects and/or theories.

So I send virtual hugs to the Wetterling family and wait.