Brittanee Drexel to be honored at high school graduation ceremony

I found this article that says Brittanee Drexel, who’s been missing for over a year now, will be honored at her high school graduation ceremony on June 23. She was a junior at Gates-Chili High School in Rochester, New York when she went missing, meaning she would have graduated this year. She was enrolled in a vocational cosmetology program and also played on the soccer team.

At the graduation ceremony, Brittanee’s mom will attend and accept an honorary diploma in her stead. I think that’s a really sweet gesture made by her school and her class. I suppose they could have set up some kind of monument for her at the school or planted a tree in her honor or something, but that would seem to imply that they think she’s dead, which is by no means certain.

Some possible changes

I am thinking of deleting Charley’s sad, hopelessly out-of-date links section until such time as I can get it whipped into shape again. Which could mean right away, or never, or some period in between those two extremes.

I am also thinking of not putting it on my updates page when I only put an alternate height and/or weight on the casefile. It’s such a teeny little thing and usually the alternative is just an inch or ten pounds. (In fact, I won’t do alternate weights at less than ten pounds difference.)

Thoughts, anybody?

A whopping 56 Charley updates today

I had some time, so I raided NamUs and posted a whole bunch of little updates off of there on Charley — mostly clothing description, a few new pictures, etc. I also added some age-progressions off the NCMEC. And one new case, but it was connected to an updated case. A thirteen-year-old girl who ran off with her three-week-old baby.