It never rains but it pours

Yeah, so I wrecked my car today. Again. I was in the right-hand turn lane and some inconsiderate person in the left-hand turn lane pulled so far ahead that I couldn’t see, and when they went I thought it was okay for me to go, but it wasn’t. Crashed into this other car, ripped my bumper off, antifreeze leaking. Other car not hurt so bad. But I got a ticket, and I already had a speeding ticket for November, and I have to go to court and we have a hanging judge, and I am envisioning all sorts of horror with license confiscating and so on. I don’t know.

I was really upset about it. My parents picked me up and kept assuring me it was not a big deal, no injuries, cars can be replaced, yada yada, but I was rather inconsolable. Then we went to my nephews’ double birthday party (they were born two days apart) and my sister-in-law gave me some vodka with juice and I perked up a bit. Dad drove me home. I think I had better wait till I’m sober before I call the insurance company, lest they jump to conclusions.

Diane Robbins missing 25 years yesterday

As this article has noted, thirteen-year-old Diane Nguyen Robbins disappeared from Kennewick, Washington twenty-five years ago on June 18. She went missing with an older friend, Molly Purdin, who was subsequently found raped and murdered. Several other girls and young women went missing from the same area at around the same time, but it’s not known whether the cases are related.

Although Diane is listed as white, she appears to be biracial — Vietnamese and white — and Nguyen is a Vietnamese name. I wonder if she was the offspring of a Vietnamese woman and an American soldier. She was born in 1971, right in the middle of the Vietnam War.

Unfortunately the aforementioned article doesn’t really tell anything new, but it’s nice that Diane is in the spotlight again, however briefly.