And if you want to take your mind off things…

…as I do right now, try looking at the Executed Today site I just stumbled upon. It’s well-researched and snarky, with many links, and very comprehensive: covering executions throughout the world and throughout history. You can browse by method, time or place of execution, the crime, the person, etc. Right now I am reading about the horrific deaths of the Pappenheimer family, a Bavarian couple and their sons executed for witchcraft in 1600.

UPDATE: I wrote to the blogger with some executed people who were not yet profiled on his blog. He wrote back inviting me to guest-write entries for both of them. Sweet! The entries can’t be published till early next year (since the blog goes on an “anniversary” format and both people were executed in the spring) so I will have plenty of time to research and write.

A year ago today

Yeah, so the attack happened exactly one year ago. I met Rollo a little before eight and then he let me go a little after ten. It seemed at the time like it was a lot longer, but later on I figured out just about exactly how long I was with him. Just a little over two hours is all.

I keep telling myself that I came out on top of things — alive, anyway — and things could have been a lot worse. But, my initial elation aside, Rollo’s apprehension has not really made me feel any better.

Det. Austin called this afternoon with news. It goes like this: Rollo is scheduled to go to trial on Monday for five felony charges, including rape and kidnapping, in a case not connected with mine. He is facing mucho time for that, and Austin said this case is stronger, because they arrested him only a day or so later and not almost a year later like with me. What the DA is hoping is to use me as leverage to cut a deal with Rollo: he pleads guilty to this other case, and in return they don’t bring up charges for me. The DA wanted Austin to find out how I felt about this. (Which was nice of them. My consent is not required for this deal.) I said I was okay with it. The important thing is that Rollo gets locked up for an extended period. And this arrangement would save me the trouble of having to fly back and testify. I was willing to do it — even eager to, at first — but it would be a very rough experience.

So now the waiting begins again. Hopefully a much shorter waiting. This could go nowhere; Rollo may refuse the deal. But if he does or he doesn’t, I should know pretty soon. And find out Rollo’s real name. I want to know that name.

It looks like this is drawing to a close. Thank goodness.