Another lottery family

Longtime readers of my blog may recall my interest in families with more than one disappearance, independently of one another. There are perhaps five or six such cases on Charley. I call them “lottery families” because they seem to have hit the lottery for bad luck. Well, I’ve discovered another one.

Michael Palmer, then fifteen, disappeared in 1999 from Wasilla, Alaska. He was last seen biking home in the middle of the night after a party. His bike and shoes were later found, but there was no sign of him. There was speculation of foul play, but his body was never found and there’s little evidence as to what caused his disappearance or whether he’s alive today. His family says he wasn’t the runaway type, and they think he’s dead.

Well, I just found out that Michael’s older brother, Charles, disappeared back in April. He was last seen on a snowmobile trip; they later found his snowmobile without him. The search was called off after only a few days and and Charles was still missing as of a month ago. I can’t find any record that he’s been found. There seems to be no indication that Charles’s disappearance was anything other than an accident, an unfortunate circumstance that happens all too often in Alaska.

I believe Michael and Charles were the only boys in the family; I can’t find out whether they have sisters. Their family must be ripped to pieces over this.