An interesting means of exposure

The author Alice Sebold has issued a special edition of her bestselling novel, The Lovely Bones, which is about a teen girl who is murdered by a serial killer and her body hidden. The special edition appears with a companion book called Looking Glass, which features pictures of missing children. You can see several shown at the Looking Glass website: Yasmine Acree, Sabrena Beck, Jeremy Bechtel, George Burdynski Jr., Monica Carrasco, Johnny Gosch, Vinyette Teague and Thomas “Billy” Tillery. It appears that these are the only children profiled in the book and are meant to be representative of the general population of missing kids. A wide range of ages are represented and we have here a possible runaway (Jeremy), three mysterious disappearances that could be runaways or something else (Yasmine, Monica, Billy), a family abduction (Sabrena), two non-family abductions that were probably done by people the child knew (Vinyette and George) and one probable stranger abduction (Johnny).

This is a unique and interesting way to get exposure for these children. I really like the idea.

Seeing Jeremy on the site inspired me to go look up info for him, see if there’s anything new. There was: a tenth-anniversary article in April. He and his friend/girlfriend Erin seem to have vanished without a trace: no sightings, no Social Security number activity, her car missing. He’s classified as a runaway, but I wonder if the two of them weren’t in an accident.