Stalker followup

At the suggestion of commenter Jen, I called the police in Sarasota about my stalker lady. I explained that I’d been getting hundreds of emails from her over the past month, read them a few samples, and gave them that Wharf Road address she keeps mentioning. They actually took me seriously. I was surprised by that. Anyway, they sent someone to that address and discovered the woman had in fact lived there at one time, but no longer, and they called me explaining that I had to file a report with my local jurisdiction because there was little else they could do at this point.

So I called my local sheriff’s office and they sent a deputy over and I went through the whole spiel with him, showing him the emails. And he said he would take the report and fax it to Sarasota to hopefully set the wheels in motion. This woman needs help and she’s reaching out to me for some reason, and I hope she can get some help now.

Why does this always happen to me?

More correspondence from my stalker

Remember the schizophrenic stalker I wrote about earlier? Well, I thought she had given up, but she has resumed her nonsensical messages to me. (They now get automatically sent to Spam.) There have been 32 messages since June 7, including gems such as:

It is true and I know it.I am highly upset over it now that I looked it up and remembered my child hood picture. Maddox,Tankersley.Orr,Demarias.Massey.Going back to Palm Beach Florida.Virginia.Devestaed my life.I do not want to claim it and I mean it.serial killers are you out of your minds.I had to die with my infants and toddlers for it and the community had to let go for it.Real nice of every one.


Going back to the 1970’s/lay down you are geeting Bubba now you and your children are my virgin sacrifice.Extortion now and you better not turn me in.Shut up AIDS infested whore.Submit.Look at what Manson did.That is the women,teen aged girls,infants and toddlers.The women and teenaged girls were not.Assholes.You are not men of worth ever.You gave the women and children over to the occult never caring.Assholes.Claiming muslim and do not help.Now several dead and do it not a big deal.Jean was the reason it happened.They never left the community.Every one lost thier babies and it will never end.Bubba gave the children and the young women and teen aged girls to the occult.Go to hell for it.KKK claimed oragies.Malcolm Scott will never be thankfull for those assholes being free.Blackmail.They were ordered to submit with weapons and now they are going to be m,urdered manson style with thier infants and toddlers.Good job to the secret society.Let it be your daughter.You say it was for them after all.3461 Serena and out in the field 1993-1996 Sarasota Florida.Good job such honorable men and women of the community.Did you know that twop girls died at 1825 Warf Rd sarsota Florida feb 1992 for the secret society they must have thier secret foreced oragies now the teen aged girls died to the occult with infants and toddlers.Good job.It needs to be thier daughter instead next time.


I want the police to know what caused it.Abnormal low lives slamming knives into infants and toddlers.Getting into my nova to kill your daughter and it never stops.Concubine and the child is not mine.The baby needing help top live wanted a hand out.Too many mouths to feed.Not thier damn say.Julie Joiner saw a truck.Serena and out in the field 1993-1996 The children turned thier sorry asses in and said we are still under age and will stab you assholes for it.We had to defend ourselves.The Zodiac killer outy west did not sound very intelligent.I killed for the fun of it.I read some of is writings to the people.I believe the killer in eat shows a real reason for the killing.Bullies murdering our offspring.Devestyated our lives.If I were a killer I would a KKK outfit and choke the shit out ever damn one of those abnormal scum saying getting into my nova to kill your baby.Raping families of thier children and then want blackmail for it.Melissa Scott said stab the basterds and bitches killing our children and cut off thier heads strip them naked and get in the boat and toss away.The children deserved to live.Go to hell.3461 Serena and Fruitville Rd sarasota Florida

Article about Byron Page

There is an article on CNN about seventeen-year-old Byron Eric Page, who’s been missing from Los Angeles for eighteen years now. He does not fit the profile of a runaway: he was happy with his life, an excellent student with several college acceptances, no mention of drug involvement. He seems to have vanished into thin air.

I’m glad that a case like Byron’s is getting national attention, even this one article. Missing teenagers, especially black males, are generally ignored by the public.