Bryan’s dad let out of ICE lockup

Earlier I wrote about the father of Bryan Dos Santos-Gomes, who was in immigration detention and facing deportation. Well, a reader sent me this article: Bryan’s father, Jurandir Gomes Costa, has been released from custody under an “order of supervision,” whatever that means.

Perhaps he won’t be deported after all. His case must make its way through the courts. It sounds like he may have a chance at a visa for being the victim of a violent crime, and I would hope that the authorities have compassion for him.

The wheels of justice

They got him. Sweet baby Jesus, I had been waiting for so long for this. It’s been a year less twelve days, and they finally have him.

Det. Austin called me this afternoon with the news. DNA match. More than 99% probability. And the man’s been in jail for the past five months for abduction and rape in another case. A serial offender, as I thought.

Austin said that he’s going to turn my file over to the prosecutor and see what comes next. If Rollo is going to get a life sentence for the other case, perhaps they won’t prosecute him for me. It depends on what the prosecutor wants. Austin won’t tell me Rollo’s real name yet. He says he will call me back next week with more news. I don’t really care if my case is prosecuted or just administratively cleared — I just want Rollo to be in prison forever and it looks like that’s going to happen, and he will never be able to touch another woman again.

This has been a long time coming, and now that the day is finally here I hardly know what to do with myself.