Natalee Holloway Missing Persons Center to open in Washington

The Washington Post says a missing persons center named for Natalee Holloway will open in Washington D.C. next month. It will be based, appropriately enough, at the Museum of Crime and Punishment and will be a nonprofit that assists families of the missing and promotes safety.

When I was in D.C. last June, I actually visited that museum with my friend Jeff. We went on the weekend, a day or two before I left for home. I don’t remember seeing Natalee mentioned there, but it’s been awhile. It was a pretty cool museum, at any rate.

Etan Patz case is reactivated

A new Manhattan DA has been elected. He had promised to look into Etan Patz‘s disappearance and possibly prosecute the prime suspect in his case, Jose Antonio Ramos. Well, the day after the thirty-second anniversary in Etan’s disappearance, the new DA has reactivated the case. (They keep saying “reopened” but it was never closed.)

Ramos comes up for parole in two years. I doubt he will get it, but this man MUST be kept behind bars. I hope they can come up with enough evidence to prosecute, and get some justice for Etan.