Article about Kirsten Hatfield

An Oklahoma TV station has run an anniversary story for eight-year-old Kirsten Hatfield, who’s been missing for thirteen years this month. She disappeared from her bed in the middle of the night. But apparently — this is the first I’ve heard of this — the police think the abduction was staged. Now that I think of it, it does seem unlikely that someone could sneak into Kirsten’s bedroom and take her without a sound (and with her sister asleep in the same room) or any struggle. This was an eight-year-old, not a baby or toddler. The cops believe Kirsten was harmed by someone close to her, possibly a relative.

I wrote a poem about Kirsten Hatfield when I was twelve or thirteen and posted it on my personal website that I had at the time, which had stuff about me and some short stories and other poems I’d written. Some time later, Kirsten’s mother found the poem and emailed me about it. She said she was sure her daughter was still alive. I felt very sorry for her.

28 thoughts on “Article about Kirsten Hatfield

  1. Princess Shantae May 24, 2010 / 5:14 pm

    They always say they think the missing person is still alive. Its like some kind of script they have to follow. I feel sorry for them but I have to wonder if they really believe that. In Kirsten’s case, it does not seem likely she’d still be alive, not if her mother thinks she knows who took her as the profile on your site says.

    • Meaghan May 24, 2010 / 6:00 pm

      You can’t blame a person, especially a parent, for clinging on to hope.

      • Celeste December 7, 2010 / 6:51 pm

        Until they find a Kirsten’s body or the police say otherwise the mother is still hopeful that her daughter is alive. It’s the same as Jaycee Dugard who was located after 18 years with a sex pedophile. Jaycee’s step-father thought that they were looking for a body. But she had been around for 18 years and nobody even thought to check this sicko’s backyard.

    • Bill May 24, 2010 / 9:17 pm

      That’s right, Princess
      It IS like a script they have to follow.
      And I emphasize the “have to” part.
      It’s heartbreaking to talk to a parent of a missing child. (even in a forum) There’s a part of me that wants to suggest that they try to prepare themselves for the possibility that the child may not be alive, but I can’t do it.
      My conscience will not allow me to oppose that kind of hope.
      Like Meaghan says, you really can’t blame them.

    • forthelost May 24, 2010 / 9:29 pm

      True enough, although without concrete evidence of foul play I don’t assume the person is dead. It’s a possibility, but I don’t want to treat it as definitive.

      • Meaghan May 24, 2010 / 9:34 pm

        I’m inclined to agree there. Certainly there is no concrete evidence that Kirsten is dead. I think it’s extremely likely, but there’s a chance she’s out there somewhere.

  2. Jaime May 24, 2010 / 8:33 pm

    I remember when this happened. I live in Midwest City and a friend of mine knew Kirsten. We have occasionly talked about her. My friend says everybody in her elementary school was talked to by the police to find out if anybody knew anything or if Kirsten had said anything about someone specific. I’m kind of suprised to hear her mother is still alive though. In the years since her disappearance I haven’t seen her mother in the news pleading for her return or anything. I hope she does get more media attention in the future though. I do believe there is another Jaycee Dugard or Steven Staymer out there. The only question is which kid is it. You would also think that after Jaycee Dugard everybody peered into their neighbors backyards to see if they were doing anything illegal but after hearing about the girl that spent 8 years banished in the backyard due to her deranged parents and was just found this month. 9 months after Jaycee I dont hold out much hope the living will be found but by a stroke of pure luck.

    • Meaghan May 24, 2010 / 8:46 pm

      Speaking of Steven Stayner, I have heard that Ken Parnell made some telling remarks about these two does. Something about how he knew who they were, or something, but he’d forgotten it. Of course, Parnell was one sick man and perhaps he was just jerking people around.

      Parnell had planned to murder Steven, because Steven had gotten too old and too much of a liability. Steven escaped just in time. I wonder how many other teen and adult does in this country were kidnapped as children, then killed when they outgrew their captors’ desires.

      • danielle May 25, 2010 / 2:47 pm

        Didn’t Steven Stayner later pass away in a motorcycle accident? His brother, Carey, was responsible for killing a mother, her daughter and exchange student/daughter’s friend in Yosemite (after kidnapping and raping them) and killing a woman on a hike alone.
        Part of Carey’s “behavior” was thought to be based on his parents’ focus on Steven…..

      • Princess Shantae May 25, 2010 / 3:55 pm

        Yeah, Steve Stayner died ina motorcycle wreck in 1989. Cary did kill all those people plus they suspect he killed his uncle too. From what I read he showed some real strange behavior even before Steve came back and it just got worse after that.

      • Meaghan May 25, 2010 / 5:29 pm

        Yes, Steven died in 1989.

        Cary was already eleven years old when Steven was abducted. I think the seeds had been sown.

    • Princess Shantae May 25, 2010 / 2:02 am

      I don’t think Kirsten’s case ever got very much news covering. I can only remember seeing it once very briefly on AMW right after it happened, just a real short Call If You Can Help bit before the commercial break, not even a full “story.” And I’ve never seen anything about her since.

      • Jaime May 25, 2010 / 8:57 pm

        Yes her case has gotten absolutely zero attention. None of her family has really come out to be her advocate in all of these years. I said in one of my other posts that I live in Oklahoma and there has been absolutely ZERO coverage since almost the very beginning and this 13th anniversary coverage.

      • Meaghan May 25, 2010 / 9:32 pm

        Not every missing child’s family has the strength required to go before the media a lot about their kid. If you look at abduction cases, more often than not the family appears to be largely silent. Karen Zhou’s parents, for example, asked the NCMEC to take her off their site because it was too painful for them. I don’t think lack of noisemaking should be considered evidence that the family was involved in the child’s disappearance.

      • Debbie April 11, 2013 / 4:45 pm

        Her case was featured on Channel 4 news almost every year, definitely last year or on the tenth anniversary. There was an article in the Gazette last year. Shannon was on talk shows. We are still here and wanting answers. Shannon is there…. behind the scenes and Missing and Exploited Children is in touch with Shannon regularly. We want answers too more than anyone.

      • Debbie April 11, 2013 / 4:48 pm

        I will add one more thing…… We are watching and waiting. We have clues. If you know who did take her or if you did your day will come. We cry every year at least and there is more but I cannot tell it because we want to catch the person (but he is probably in jail or dead if my theory is true).

    • Debbie April 11, 2013 / 4:41 pm

      Kirsten’s mother is now a parole officer and has worked with the legislature for years getting our laws enforced for sexual predators and making our society more bearable. She is an excellent person. She is involved in church and her other daughter is an amazing young woman helping needy children. Do not judge people you do not know or when you do not have all of the facts. I am her step-sister by the way. Also, there are a lot of people out there that experimented with marijuana when they were younger but they are good people too if that is what you heard. She is drug free. No one’s child should come up missing. Midwest City certainly has not been supportive to our family.

  3. Christy May 24, 2010 / 10:00 pm

    Totally off topic but I see you updated Christopher Harvey’s casefile. Do you know if the badly beaten boy was ever identified?

    • Meaghan May 24, 2010 / 10:15 pm

      I have no idea. I would assume so.

      I’m sure the Harveys were devastated to find out he wasn’t their son, but the article says they stuck around nevertheless, since the boy had no one else to stand by him. I think that’s big of them.

  4. Jaime May 24, 2010 / 10:07 pm

    Where did you hear that theory? Quite honestly I believe the only chance of identifying those 2 does or many of the others that are on the doenetwork is to profile them on Oprah or Anderson Cooper etc. I would hope with NAMUS and the University of Texas becoming more famous that the parents of long term missing children would put their DNA on file so if the child is killed after many years they could easily run the DNA through the system and get a quick match. Many of the long term unidentified missing children like the 3 kids in New Jersey with the mother that was also killed and the 2 kids in Vancouver half a century ago just didnt have anyone that really cared about them. There are also a lot of people that are very ignorant of police, district attorney, and judicial procedure in this country and they simply do not know where to go to seek help. I have wondered though if the 2 does u spoke of were killed by the same killer that killed the couples in the south carolina area and the washington coast area in the 1970s.

    • Meaghan May 24, 2010 / 10:16 pm

      I think it was mentioned in the book about the Stayner case, I Know My First Name is Steven. But I haven’t looked at that book in close to ten years so my memory could be misleading me.

  5. Jaime May 24, 2010 / 10:22 pm

    Oh Thanks I wonder if any of the siblings that are kidnapped/missing are still alive the lyons, leslies, westerfields, and udens the last 2 being kidnapped 17 years apart to the day.

  6. danielle May 26, 2010 / 10:54 pm

    Just wondering if it’s possible to let the other prisoners know who is a child killer (or rapist) since, we have all heard, the child killers/rapists are the lowest form of prisoners.
    Or….is that just a rumor and not true? I would really like to keep the bad guys in general population so they live with fear everyday.

  7. Ruth May 28, 2010 / 7:07 pm

    If a prisoner’s well being is threatened, he will be kept away from other prisoners. BUT I don’t think they are automatically segregated from general population just because of their crime.

  8. Candy October 9, 2010 / 10:07 am

    I find it very sad, that cases like Kyron Horman and Madeleine McCann get tons of media attention, while cases like Kirsten`s get little or none. Of course I think Kyron and Madeleine need to be found, but there are thousands of other MP`s too.

  9. Kandice November 17, 2011 / 2:20 am

    Hi everyone…what I have to say about this case is that it needs to be re-opened because I knew Kirsten she was my best friend we played on the same softball team and I want her to be found. I think about her everyday and this happened when I was also 8 and now I’m 23. So something needs to be done so her family and friends can finally be at peace.

  10. leighanne May 14, 2013 / 6:57 pm

    Debbie….Thank u so much about what u said about Shannon…I owe that woman my life…Her and Chris were my Sunday School teachers and because of their love and guidance ,i was baptized….and yes that sweet daughter of theirs is going to change the world.If u had not spoke up ,i was going to..i am friends with all 3 of them on facebook and i love them dearly…in my heart i believe that Kirsten Renee Hatfield is alive …but just lost to us. I think of her very often and with the discovery of these 3 women in Cleveland it just has to give one HOPE & FAITH ;)))…The day they were found i went to Shannons fb page and told her i was saying a special prayer. NEVER EVER GIVE UP !! ;))

  11. Thomas Sayler May 13, 2014 / 5:32 am

    I was just talking to a friend of mine about places I lived that had some rough areas but got to talking about missing people somehow. I thought about this case and was hoping it was solved but this is what I found disappointment. I was stopped by the F.B.I. when this was this happened and they were checking i.d. and wanted to know what I was doing on that street and my ex girlfriend lived on the nextroad. I looked to me that they were going for any lead they could find because this was atleast 24 hrs after she went missing. I believe also that this is someone close to the family but not to close maybe been to the house 2 or 3 times. but who am I to say anything. I hope some day this case is solved and never forgotten because I will not forget. Pray

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