Article about Kirsten Hatfield

An Oklahoma TV station has run an anniversary story for eight-year-old Kirsten Hatfield, who’s been missing for thirteen years this month. She disappeared from her bed in the middle of the night. But apparently — this is the first I’ve heard of this — the police think the abduction was staged. Now that I think of it, it does seem unlikely that someone could sneak into Kirsten’s bedroom and take her without a sound (and with her sister asleep in the same room) or any struggle. This was an eight-year-old, not a baby or toddler. The cops believe Kirsten was harmed by someone close to her, possibly a relative.

I wrote a poem about Kirsten Hatfield when I was twelve or thirteen and posted it on my personal website that I had at the time, which had stuff about me and some short stories and other poems I’d written. Some time later, Kirsten’s mother found the poem and emailed me about it. She said she was sure her daughter was still alive. I felt very sorry for her.