Crusader for kidnapped Chinese children

The Shanghai Daily has this article about a man from the Chinese province of Shandong who’s become a crusader in search of all of China’s missing children. China has a serious child kidnap/human trafficking problem that I’ve written about previously. This man, Guo Gangtang, had his two-year-old son snatched in September 1997. He travels from city to city, and each one he unveils a banner with photos of 500 missing children. He’s found seven kids in this way…but not his own.

From the article: Guo has gone through eight motorbikes and spent a total of 300,000 yuan (US$43,900) over the 13 years, earning a living by selling gourd pipes. Even in the United States, $44,000 is a substantial sum of money, about what your average household makes in a year. And seeing as how Wikipedia says the average per capita income in China is $3,677, in there it’s a fortune. I suppose he must get donations or something.

So hats off to Guo Gangtang. I hope he keeps fighting the good fight and that he finds his own child soon. This man is a hero.