Anniversary article for Sophia Moreno

KBTX has run an anniversary article for Sophia Moreno. On May 11, it will have been thirty-one years since she was last seen in Bryan, Texas. She was only sixteen and a half when she disappeared, but married already, and her family said her husband was violent. No word as to whether he’s considered a suspect, though, and the article (the first I’ve seen on her case) doesn’t mention her husband at all.

It seems highly unlikely that Sophia ran away. Perhaps she might have wanted to leave her husband, but I think she would have contacted her family. The fact that she wanted to know what her mom wanted for Mother’s Day is a strong indication that she planned to stick around, but something — probably something very bad — kept her from doing so.

Anniversary article for Cengiz Nuray

As this article has noted, it’s been fifteen years now since seventeen-year-old Cengiz Han Nuray vanished off the face of the earth in Santa Cruz, California. I have very little info on his case and the article doesn’t provide anything more, except that he lived in Santa Barbara. Yahoo Maps says that’s 268 miles from Santa Cruz. I looked up his name and I believe he’s of Turkish descent.

Since he was last seen on a beach, as in the Mary Wesolowski case I wonder if he just drowned. Alas, I don’t have information enough to form any theories.

New pic of Mary Wesolowski

New York State Troopers has posted a profile of Mary Wesolowski with a new picture. It looks much different than the picture that’s on her NCMEC poster.

Mary’s case is one of those that frustrate me — it’s almost forty years old and I have virtually no info on it. The info in the NYST profile is more confusing. From previous information I thought she’d never arrived to meet her friends, but the part about her being seen on the beach suggests that she did show up. Is this an abduction or a simple drowning case? Yonks ago, in a comment on an article for another missing person, someone said Mary was his sister, but he didn’t say anything much about her disappearance.

She certainly doesn’t look thirteen years old in either of the photos, and at 4’5ish she was quite small for her age. I would have thought her nine or so. Those teeth sure are distinctive.