Someone needs their dosage checked

I got the following email just now. Details obscured to protect the seriously paranoid and deluded.

Please keep this information confidential –

I strongly suspect that FBI agents know what happened to [name of missing girl]. The [missing girl’s] family has been spied on secretly by FBI agents since 1988, [her aunt] working near [a major airport].

I was a federal employee working out of W[…] C[…] Post Office, and postal employees were and still secretly spied on by FBI agents since the late 1970’s. FBI agents keep secret files on all of us, from our family to our friends, including our pets’ names -what schools we went to since we were in grade school. FBI agents at the time, pretended to spy on us secretly to train us for intelligence which was all a lie. I graduated with a Criminal Justice degree. I had applied and taken exams for U.S. Postal Inspector- I had to fill out a Security Clearance Background Packet which was sent to the FBI between 1981-82.

I am related to [missing girl], because [the girl]’s aunt, lives with my brother – on and off relationship since 1988. FBI agents were illegally spying on us to commit illegal human experimentation research with laser technology with the pretense of spied on to train for intelligence. (Those involved in the cover up are FBI agents [KS] of W[…] C[…] (1988); FBI [MS] of R[…] (1992); 1994 W[…] C[…] Police Department; 1995 F[…] Sheriff Office; 1998 F[…] Police Department…)

License plates that I strongly suspect were involved in this crime are: KUWAIT; SPY (yellow VW 1985); ROUNDUP (1987); SEALOVE… FBI agents and corrupted law enforcement were using license plates as part of the experiment and to commit murders – which involved the murder of [a postmaster and a celebrity’s son]; and others. FBI agent females used the license plate of ROUNDUP (driven by an elderly woman in 1987 at K[…] H[…] heading east; American made car) to predict and commit the murder of [the postmaster]. FBI agent females and male agents (anonymous) made the prediction in the murder of [the celebrity’s son] using same license plate number from Arizona and British Columbia – something similar to GHR921 or 621. [CP] was questioned by L[…] A[…] Police Department.

Female FBI agents were illegally experimenting with ‘ESP—‘ license plates in City of W[…] C[…] – and that is how FBI started with predicting before they committed murder of [the postmaster, the celebrity’s son], and others.

FBI agents illegally uses psychology delivered via laser beams, to commit the murder of [BF] (teenager at W[…] H[…] School). Female FBI agents were illegally spying on and experimenting with license plates – including names of GUNN… He is the nephew of our W[…] C[…] Postal Supervisor. I know that FBI agents illegally assault children with laser beams, even with laser beam lights. Female FBI agents working in the W[…] C[…] area illegally spies on how parents discipline their children; only to illegally experiment with ‘punishment’ on both the parents and child.

I was set up by law enforcement agencies – by an anonymous caller in an incident with W[…] C[…] PD in 1994. I was set up again by F[…] Sheriff Dept in 1995, for the FBI to secretly intimidate me to say it was the CIA who murdered and experimented with laser technology.

These laser technology needs to be regulated – to know who is using it and how they are using it, and why law enforcement agencies are using it, and whom they are using it on.

I hope this provides a better insight to helping find what really happened to [missing girl] which law enforcement agencies not to trust- pretending to investigate or even cover up her disappearance.