Still on hiatus

My computer is still in the shop. No idea when it will be fixed. I haven’t gone too crazy though. I’ve been doing loads of reading. When I go online, like at the library, I stay away from missing persons sites so I don’t go nuts. So I know almost nothing about what’s going on the missing persons world, besides the few news snippets people have emailed me.

My dad has lent me a laptop. It is ancient — not sure how old but it uses Windows Millenium. The mouse is a little red button in the middle of the keyboard. It has no WiFi, meaning I can only use it in one place. Current versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox and Chrome do not work on this computer. It had an old, slow, continuously malfunctioning version of IE. I was able to download Opera, which I have never used before, but which is much better.

So at least I can access my email on a daily basis now. Here’s to hoping I get the comp back sometime this week.