Possible hiatus coming

My rats’ cage sits on a shelf above my desk. A few days ago I had filled their water bottle and was trying to reattach it to the side of the cage when I dropped it and it landed on my computer keyboard and knocked the 5 key out of place. The key still works, obviously, but just about every time I touch it — and, often, if I touch adjacent keys — the cover slides off and it’s very annoying. At least it’s not a terribly essential key — not like, say, E.

I called my boyfriend and my father for advice about possibly trying to glue the thing back on. They predicted massive disaster and warranty voiding if I should attempt such a thing, so I gave up on that idea. Experiments with double-sided tape have come to nothing.

The computer remains under warranty for another month or so. I expect if I bring it in, they will take it away for a week or two like they did when they had to replace my dead screen. I’m trying to decide if this problem is worth the trouble of not having a computer for that length of time. This is more than a little inconvenient, because I’ve started taking a university history class and it would be nice to have my own computer to write papers on and stuff.

Thoughts, anyone?

Suspect arrested in Kaelin Glazier murder

You can find Kaelin Glazier in Charley’s resolved section. She was fifteen years old when she disappeared from Ruch, Oregon in November 1996. Her body wasn’t found until April 2008; it was in the same general area where she was last seen. Well, over thirteen years after her murder and two years after she was located, a suspect has been charged in her death. It’s William Frank Simmons, the last person known to have seen her. He’s 30 now, which would have made him 16 or 17 when Kaelin was killed. Her body was found across the street from his home.

Simmons faces 25 years to life if convicted of murder. He’d been a suspect in her case since 1999.

The Mail Tribune

Ex-boyfriend now convicted in Tammi Campbell’s murder

Last week, Gary Lee Robinson was convicted of murder and evidence tampering in the 1999 disappearance of his ex-girlfriend, Tammi Campbell. I wasn’t even aware he’d been charged. The most detailed article I could find is here; it’s from before the actual conviction.

Robinson went to trial very fast; he was indicted last May. It’s pretty uncommon for a murder suspect to go to trial less than a year after the murder. Sometimes the wait will be more like four or five years. Alexander Olive‘s father wasn’t tried for eight years!