Casey Anthony wants to adopt a child

I never wrote about the Caylee Anthony case, and I was quite glad when her body was discovered just short of the six-month mark, so I didn’t have to read about 50,000 articles to put together a casefile for her. In case you’ve been in a coma or something and haven’t heard, Caylee was a two-year-old who went missing in the summer of 2008. The police had a hinky feeling about her mom, Casey, on account of the fact that Casey didn’t report her daughter missing for a month. Because clearly the two-year-old has just run away from home and will come back in their own sweet time. Casey was charged with murder in October 2008 and is facing a possible death penalty at her trial, which is set for 2011. Caylee’s skeletal remains were found in the ever-popular “wooded area” in December 2008.

Anyway, Casey insists that she’s innocent and never killed or harmed her daughter. She’s apparently very confident that she will beat the charges, because she wants to adopt another child. She would like one from Ireland, because she likes the accents — that’s a perfect reason to adopt a child! — but will probably select one from the US. Ironically enough, Casey had wanted to put Caylee up for adoption when she got pregnant, but her mom talked her out of it. Something I’m sure both women regret now.

For some reason, I think Casey would have a hard time convincing adoption agencies she would be a suitable parent.

Skeleton found, could be Christine Markey or Tammy Mahoney

Authorities stated they’d found skeleton along Cowalson Creek in Oneida, New York. It should be relatively easy to identify because it’s a complete skeleton and the teeth are intact. So far they are thinking it’s either Christine Markey, a 22-year-old missing from Oneida since 1993, or Tammy Mahoney, 19, missing from Oneida since 1981. (I should add that Oneida is a pretty small town, population about 10,000. I’m surprised that two young girls are missing from a town that size. They don’t appear to be connected though.)

Normally I don’t post about found dead bodies, but I just had to do it this time, because of a comment on this article. Investigators believe Tammy Mahoney was gang-raped and murdered by some Oneida Indians from the reservation. There were supposedly loads of witnesses, but they are electing not to prosecute until her body is recovered. Anyway, someone said, If these are in fact Miss Mahoney’s remains, it proves she was never on our reservation. No one would drive way out to Canal Rd. to dispose of them.