Article on Kimberly King

Nancy Grace has done a cold case feature on Kimberly Alice King, a twelve-year-old who disappeared from Warren, Michigan in 1979. The article has a better photo of her.

There is speculation that Kimberly’s disappearance may be linked to a series of still-unsolved child murders going on in the area at that time. The killer was called “The Babysitter” because he held his victims for days after abducting them and fed, bathed and otherwise cared for him before he killed them. I remember reading somewhere that one missing boy’s mother went on TV, promising that if her son returned home, she would cook him a chicken dinner. This was apparently his favorite food. When the boy’s body turned up, he had chicken in his stomach. Curiously, one of the victims had the last name King, though he wasn’t related to Kimberly. King is a pretty common surname, though.

One major difference between Kimberly’s disappearance and the Babysitter murders, though: their bodies were left in plain sight and were found quickly, whereas Kimberly has never been found.

I think it is a heck of a coincidence to have Kimberly disappear and the child serial killings going on in the same area at the same time. But that’s not enough to indicate she was a victim of the Babysitter. A thought: apparently this man kept his victims around until he got tired of them. Possibly for some reason he never got tired of Kimberly, and she’s living in a Jaycee Dugard like situation now? That’s probably the best we can hope for.

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