They’re still trying to find Keith Bennett

Per the Guardian and BBC News, yet another search has been launched on Saddleworth Moor for the body of Keith Bennett, a twelve-year-old boy who was killed and buried there in 1964. Keith was a victim of Myra Hindley and Ian Brady, the so-called “Moors Murderers” who killed five children between ten and seventeen and buried four of them on the moor. Later on they lead the police to the site to look for bodies, but Keith’s never turned up.

The police gave up looking last year and this recent search is being funded by a private non-profit organization. Keith’s mother — I think he was her only child — says she hopes to find his body while Ian Brady is still alive. Myra Hindley died in 2002. I read in a book that talked about the murders that she basically lost the will to live, seeing as how she knew she’d never get out of prison, and let herself die of a wholly preventable illness. The author believed Myra felt sincere and deep remorse for her role in the crimes and would not have been a danger had she been released from prison.

I suppose I don’t blame them for still trying to find Keith’s body, but I think it’s unlikely that they ever will. It’s been thirty-six years; there may be little left to find. And, from the photos, Saddleworth Moor looks like a very big and empty place with few points of reference to help determine where something would be.