Patrick McDermott found?

According to the Examiner, Patrick Kim McDermott has been found alive and well in Mexico. The then-48-year-old man, the longtime boyfriend of the singer Olivia Newton-John, vanished off a charter fishing boat off the coast of Los Angeles back in 2005. At first they thought he had drowned, but then evidence popped up that indicated he had run away from serious problems in his life, including serious debts and child support.

The article says, It has been five years later,and now it has been uncovered by Private Investigators that McDermott is alive and well… I’m not sure if this has been officially confirmed or not, then.

Alissa Turney’s stepdad pleads guilty in pipe bomb incident

My contact with the Phoenix PD sent me this press release. Michael Turney, stepfather of the missing seventeen-year-old Alissa Turney, has pleaded guilty to possession of 26 unregistered pipe bombs. He faces up to a decade in prison.

Michael sounds like a very scary guy, frankly. The cops haven’t said so, but it seems he’s a suspect in Alissa’s disappearance. She went missing back in 2001 and he says she ran away. He was her legal adoptive father and sole guardian, as her mother died when she was a child. While executing a search warrant to the Turney home in Alissa’s case, the cops found 26 pipe bombs, nineteen rifles and two homemade silencers — the largest illegal weapons stockpile found in Phoenix history. Michael allegedly planned to blow up a local union hall whom he accused of being responsible for Alissa’s disappearance.

It’s worth noting that his children are standing by him and set up two websites for him, maintaining he was a good father and didn’t cause Alissa’s disappearance. However, I find it significant that the Free Michael Turney site doesn’t really address the whole “huge weapons stockpile found in Michael’s house” thing. They only say the search that found the said stockpile was illegal.

Whether or not this man caused his stepdaughter’s disappearance, I think he belongs behind bars.