Missing Mexican child found in own home

I had not heard of this case before, unsurprising, since it was in Mexico City. A four-year-old disabled girl, Paulette Gebara Farah, disappeared from there last month. Apparently her case was highly publicized in Mexico. Well, she’s turned up deceased in her own family’s house, wrapped in a plastic bag and stuffed inside a bed. The cause of death is asphyxiation. Unsurprisingly, Paulette’s mother is the prime suspect.

The authorities are feeling a bit sheepish now, seeing as how they searched family apartment several times and didn’t find anything. They are claiming that, during the searches, they weren’t looking for a dead body.

1999 Florida disappearances possibly solved

Someone emailed this article to me: the 1999 disappearances of Nelta Jacques (who was pregnant) and her daughters, five-year-old Juanita Jacques and seven-year-old Johanna St. Louis, may have been solved. The family left Fort Lauderdale to drive to Tampa, and never made it.

They’ve found Nelta’s van in eighteen feet of water, in a canal in the Florida Everglades, with “the remains of at least one person” inside. No prizes for guessing who. Although the case is being treated as a homicide for the time being, it sounds like they may have simply had a tragic accident. Another article says it was raining on the day they disappeared, and Nelta’s father thought it wasn’t safe to drive, but she wouldn’t listen to him. This article has a picture of the van and says Nelta was an immigrant from Haiti.

At least, once this is all settled, her family will know they were in an accident, and not murdered, and probably didn’t suffer for long.