Back in the saddle again

I am quite happy to have returned to my usual updating. I had a lot to catch up on! These last few days I’ve been suffering from really bad hay fever and have just sat in bed, working on the computer. Yesterday I felt horrible and didn’t get out of bed most of the day except to go to the bathroom. I missed class. I ached all over and my nose was running like a faucet and there were no allergy meds in the house. Finally in the evening I dragged my carcass next door to my minister neighbor friend, and she gave me some Claritin that helped a little. I feel somewhat better today, but still snuffly.

Anyvague, highlights of the recent updates:

Nadia Dabbagh has made contact with her mom. This adorable little two-year-old was kidnapped by her father in 1990. He took her to Syria, dumped her with relatives, and went to Saudi Arabia. Nadia’s mother, Maureen, launched on an active and vocal campaign to have Nadia returned to her, but the Syrian government mostly refused to cooperate. Frankly, I didn’t think she’d ever see Nadia again. Well, Maureen emailed me last night to say Nadia, who is now 20, had gotten in touch with her. I don’t know any details, but I am so happy for them. Hopefully Nadia can return to the US and get to know her mother again.

Sherry Sellers, a 50-year-old who disappeared from Tuscaloosa, Alabama last January, has been found in the trunk of her own car. She left a suicide note when she disappeared, and the police concentrated their searches on nearby rivers because Sherry had earlier said if she killed herself, she’d do it by drowning. Sherry’s car was parked in the garage and they checked it, but didn’t find anything of interest and didn’t notice any smell. She had locked herself in the trunk with the only set of keys, so they couldn’t get the trunk open and for some reason they didn’t bother to call a locksmith or anything. Finally her family did, and they found the body. The police have apologized for their oversight.

A guy named Jason Gross has been charged with murdering Rochelle Battle, a sixteen-year-old girl who disappeared from Baltimore like March. Very little information has been released about the murder case. I don’t even have a picture of Gross. I did do a criminal record check on him and found out he’s got a record for all sorts of things, including sex assault.

The police have announced they think Haleigh Cummings was murdered and they have some suspects in her disappearance, whom they haven’t named yet. Odds are these suspects include Misty Croslin, her father’s girlfriend, and Joe Overstreet, Misty’s cousin. There’s an unconfirmed story that Overstreet went to the Cummings home that night looking for a gun to steal, couldn’t find it, and put a knife to Misty’s throat and kidnapped Haleigh instead. I don’t know why Overstreet would have done that, or why Misty wouldn’t have called the cops after he did. I don’t even know whether this story is true or not. But the cops searched a river for evidence and brought Misty (who’s in jail for drug charges) to the search site. They didn’t find anything though.

I just added the cases of Ronkeya Holmes and her daughter, Masaraha Ross. As the story goes, Ronkeya sent Masaraha to live with her father, Lester Ross. Later Ronkeya wanted her back, but was unable to even speak to Masaraha on the phone. Lester always claimed she was asleep or out. Ronkeya drove to Lester’s house to pick up Masaraha in early October last year and Lester promised to turn her over, then reneged. Ronkeya returned to her own home in Georgia and went to the police at that point. A few weeks later she went back to Florida to try again to pick up Masaraha. Then both of them disappeared, and Lester’s cousin was arrested driving Ronkeya’s car. Lester claims he met Ronkeya at a Wal-Mart and gave her their daughter and that was the last he saw of them, but the police looked at the Wal-Mart surveillance cameras and didn’t see any of them on there. So far the cops have been pretty quiet about this case, but it sounds very much like Lester did something to his daughter, then had to stop Ronkeya from finding out. I wonder when was the last time anyone besides Lester saw Masaraha before her reported disappearance.

Someone needs their dosage checked

I got the following email just now. Details obscured to protect the seriously paranoid and deluded.

Please keep this information confidential –

I strongly suspect that FBI agents know what happened to [name of missing girl]. The [missing girl’s] family has been spied on secretly by FBI agents since 1988, [her aunt] working near [a major airport].

I was a federal employee working out of W[…] C[…] Post Office, and postal employees were and still secretly spied on by FBI agents since the late 1970’s. FBI agents keep secret files on all of us, from our family to our friends, including our pets’ names -what schools we went to since we were in grade school. FBI agents at the time, pretended to spy on us secretly to train us for intelligence which was all a lie. I graduated with a Criminal Justice degree. I had applied and taken exams for U.S. Postal Inspector- I had to fill out a Security Clearance Background Packet which was sent to the FBI between 1981-82.

I am related to [missing girl], because [the girl]’s aunt, lives with my brother – on and off relationship since 1988. FBI agents were illegally spying on us to commit illegal human experimentation research with laser technology with the pretense of spied on to train for intelligence. (Those involved in the cover up are FBI agents [KS] of W[…] C[…] (1988); FBI [MS] of R[…] (1992); 1994 W[…] C[…] Police Department; 1995 F[…] Sheriff Office; 1998 F[…] Police Department…)

License plates that I strongly suspect were involved in this crime are: KUWAIT; SPY (yellow VW 1985); ROUNDUP (1987); SEALOVE… FBI agents and corrupted law enforcement were using license plates as part of the experiment and to commit murders – which involved the murder of [a postmaster and a celebrity’s son]; and others. FBI agent females used the license plate of ROUNDUP (driven by an elderly woman in 1987 at K[…] H[…] heading east; American made car) to predict and commit the murder of [the postmaster]. FBI agent females and male agents (anonymous) made the prediction in the murder of [the celebrity’s son] using same license plate number from Arizona and British Columbia – something similar to GHR921 or 621. [CP] was questioned by L[…] A[…] Police Department.

Female FBI agents were illegally experimenting with ‘ESP—‘ license plates in City of W[…] C[…] – and that is how FBI started with predicting before they committed murder of [the postmaster, the celebrity’s son], and others.

FBI agents illegally uses psychology delivered via laser beams, to commit the murder of [BF] (teenager at W[…] H[…] School). Female FBI agents were illegally spying on and experimenting with license plates – including names of GUNN… He is the nephew of our W[…] C[…] Postal Supervisor. I know that FBI agents illegally assault children with laser beams, even with laser beam lights. Female FBI agents working in the W[…] C[…] area illegally spies on how parents discipline their children; only to illegally experiment with ‘punishment’ on both the parents and child.

I was set up by law enforcement agencies – by an anonymous caller in an incident with W[…] C[…] PD in 1994. I was set up again by F[…] Sheriff Dept in 1995, for the FBI to secretly intimidate me to say it was the CIA who murdered and experimented with laser technology.

These laser technology needs to be regulated – to know who is using it and how they are using it, and why law enforcement agencies are using it, and whom they are using it on.

I hope this provides a better insight to helping find what really happened to [missing girl] which law enforcement agencies not to trust- pretending to investigate or even cover up her disappearance.

Got computer back!

I got the computer back today. The 5 key is reattached. Alas, however, I am spending the weekend with my boyfriend and I forgot my power cable, and I have only about three hours of battery power, so I can’t update quite yet. I can’t say I altogether mind. I had a lot of fun reading like crazy during this break. I’m reading this one book about Union doctors court-marshaled during the Civil War. One guy got in trouble for using the unit’s ambulance to escort a known prostitute to the theater. Twice.

Still on hiatus

My computer is still in the shop. No idea when it will be fixed. I haven’t gone too crazy though. I’ve been doing loads of reading. When I go online, like at the library, I stay away from missing persons sites so I don’t go nuts. So I know almost nothing about what’s going on the missing persons world, besides the few news snippets people have emailed me.

My dad has lent me a laptop. It is ancient — not sure how old but it uses Windows Millenium. The mouse is a little red button in the middle of the keyboard. It has no WiFi, meaning I can only use it in one place. Current versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox and Chrome do not work on this computer. It had an old, slow, continuously malfunctioning version of IE. I was able to download Opera, which I have never used before, but which is much better.

So at least I can access my email on a daily basis now. Here’s to hoping I get the comp back sometime this week.

Okay, hiatus started

Yesterday I threw up my hands and gave my computer to Best Buy for repair. They said it would be probably a week and a half to two weeks, like before, but possibly as long as a month. And I don’t have the access to borrowed computers that I did last time, so I really won’t be around too much. I am typing on an OSU computer now, but I am only on campus two days a week for the class I’m taking.

We shall see whether I go stark raving mad or not. Last night I lay around reading Camus in a state of reasonable contentment, and I’ve got plenty of other books, but the lack of a computer is going to be trying.

Anyway, don’t expect me to update or answer much email or approve many comments for awhile.

Possible hiatus coming

My rats’ cage sits on a shelf above my desk. A few days ago I had filled their water bottle and was trying to reattach it to the side of the cage when I dropped it and it landed on my computer keyboard and knocked the 5 key out of place. The key still works, obviously, but just about every time I touch it — and, often, if I touch adjacent keys — the cover slides off and it’s very annoying. At least it’s not a terribly essential key — not like, say, E.

I called my boyfriend and my father for advice about possibly trying to glue the thing back on. They predicted massive disaster and warranty voiding if I should attempt such a thing, so I gave up on that idea. Experiments with double-sided tape have come to nothing.

The computer remains under warranty for another month or so. I expect if I bring it in, they will take it away for a week or two like they did when they had to replace my dead screen. I’m trying to decide if this problem is worth the trouble of not having a computer for that length of time. This is more than a little inconvenient, because I’ve started taking a university history class and it would be nice to have my own computer to write papers on and stuff.

Thoughts, anyone?

Suspect arrested in Kaelin Glazier murder

You can find Kaelin Glazier in Charley’s resolved section. She was fifteen years old when she disappeared from Ruch, Oregon in November 1996. Her body wasn’t found until April 2008; it was in the same general area where she was last seen. Well, over thirteen years after her murder and two years after she was located, a suspect has been charged in her death. It’s William Frank Simmons, the last person known to have seen her. He’s 30 now, which would have made him 16 or 17 when Kaelin was killed. Her body was found across the street from his home.

Simmons faces 25 years to life if convicted of murder. He’d been a suspect in her case since 1999.

The Mail Tribune

Ex-boyfriend now convicted in Tammi Campbell’s murder

Last week, Gary Lee Robinson was convicted of murder and evidence tampering in the 1999 disappearance of his ex-girlfriend, Tammi Campbell. I wasn’t even aware he’d been charged. The most detailed article I could find is here; it’s from before the actual conviction.

Robinson went to trial very fast; he was indicted last May. It’s pretty uncommon for a murder suspect to go to trial less than a year after the murder. Sometimes the wait will be more like four or five years. Alexander Olive‘s father wasn’t tried for eight years!

In recent missing person news

Authorities have determined that Lisa Mowrey, whom I wrote about earlier, died of “homicidal violence” including head trauma. I can’t say I’m surprised. It seemed pretty unlikely that Lisa, who was only eighteen and healthy, could have died and wound up where they found her by any other way.

They have found the remains of seventeen-year-old Angie Lynn Daley, who’d been missing from Waynesboro, Pennsylvania since 1995. She was a chronic runaway and as a result she wasn’t reported missing for two weeks. Angie’s skeleton was found under unusual circumstances: Jeffrey Eldon Miles, who had been arrested in the case of another missing woman, Kristy Dawn Hoke, lead the cops to Hoke’s body in a wooded area on the morning of April 7. That afternoon, the police found Angie in the same wooded area. She died of head trauma. They are not publicly linking Miles to Angie’s death, though it seems like a hell of a coincidence if he didn’t do it. This article says Hoke’s cause of death was different than Angie’s; she’d been stabbed in the neck and torso.

After quite a long time with little progress reported, the police finally have some leads in the disappearance of seventeen-year-old Brittanee Drexel, who went missing on April 25 last year. She’d sneaked away from her home in New York to party with friends in South Carolina for spring break, and vanished off the face of the earth. Authorities have announced they have three or four persons of interest in Brittanee’s disappearance, people from the area. They don’t believe she’s still alive.

The newspaper the Desert Trail has done an article about three-year-old Laura Bradbury, whom they describe as a “missing child,” although the police say otherwise. Her father has a website about the case and also self-published a book about it. Basically, her family was camping at Joshua Tree National Park in the desert of southern California when Laura, who was three, vanished. This was in 1984. In 1986, some hikers found a skull in the park that they think is Laura’s. Her father thinks otherwise and, if what he says is true, he actually has reason to be suspicious and isn’t just in denial about his daughter’s death. No death certificate has been issued for Laura, and as a result her father cannot claim her remains. He says a current photograph of the skull is not the same skull he was shown in 1986, and also that only one of four DNA tests on the skull matched Laura’s mother’s blood. For me, I think the skull probably is Laura’s and I’m not going to list her on Charley, but it seems the police investigation has had a lot of screwups over the years.

Casey Anthony wants to adopt a child

I never wrote about the Caylee Anthony case, and I was quite glad when her body was discovered just short of the six-month mark, so I didn’t have to read about 50,000 articles to put together a casefile for her. In case you’ve been in a coma or something and haven’t heard, Caylee was a two-year-old who went missing in the summer of 2008. The police had a hinky feeling about her mom, Casey, on account of the fact that Casey didn’t report her daughter missing for a month. Because clearly the two-year-old has just run away from home and will come back in their own sweet time. Casey was charged with murder in October 2008 and is facing a possible death penalty at her trial, which is set for 2011. Caylee’s skeletal remains were found in the ever-popular “wooded area” in December 2008.

Anyway, Casey insists that she’s innocent and never killed or harmed her daughter. She’s apparently very confident that she will beat the charges, because she wants to adopt another child. She would like one from Ireland, because she likes the accents — that’s a perfect reason to adopt a child! — but will probably select one from the US. Ironically enough, Casey had wanted to put Caylee up for adoption when she got pregnant, but her mom talked her out of it. Something I’m sure both women regret now.

For some reason, I think Casey would have a hard time convincing adoption agencies she would be a suitable parent.