Please forgive my inactivity

Not too long ago I talked about headaches I get that last forever. Well, I have had a headache, pretty much continuously, since Wednesday night. It kind of moves around my head — one part of my head hurts and then an hour later that part feels fine and another part hurts. The pain is not excruciating, but it’s always there, and it’s been three and a half days now. Chronic pain is so exhausting. I am really sleep-deprived as well, because I keep taking these pain pills that have a boatload of caffeine in them. So it’s either I stay awake because my head hurts, or I fall asleep and then wake up way too early because I’m jittery from caffeine. I went to bed last night around ten-thirty or eleven, and woke up at two-thirty, and I’ve been up ever since. Those pills don’t work that well anyway.

Anyway, I’m not feeling terribly productive right now. About the best I can do is read books and review them on my Goodreads account. I really hope I don’t wind up having to go to the doctor for another shot. Groan. This couldn’t have come at a worst time. There’s the Charley backup, of course, and I’ve also got some other things I need to do that I need my wits for. I must have picked up some bad karma somewhere.