Rodney Alcala possible suspect in Cherry Greenman case

As many of you who follow the missing people/true crime news know, a serial killer named Rodney Alcala has generated a great deal of interest due to a bunch of photos he has of unidentified women. The police are trying to identify the subjects in the pictures, to see if any of them were his victims. Last week Alcala was convicted of murdering four women and a twelve-year-old girl in California in the 1970s, and is being looked at in a lot of other cases too.

According to the Seattle Times, one of those cases is the 1976 disappearance of nineteen-year-old Cherry Greenman from Waterville, Washington. The cops investigated Gary Leon Ridgeway, the Green River Killer, for Cherry but failed to find any linkage there. Perhaps they’ll have better luck with Alcala?

3 thoughts on “Rodney Alcala possible suspect in Cherry Greenman case

  1. Humbled_Observer March 26, 2010 / 10:19 pm

    I just wanted to say that Rodney Alcala is one creepy looking dude and the clip of him from years back on the dating game makes my skin crawl.

    It’s sooo terrible what he did to those girls and I hate hate hate that the last face they saw on this earth was his.

  2. jaime March 28, 2010 / 12:26 am has an article about a woman that went missing in December 1974 named Joanne Coughlin. They thought she may be linked to Rodney Alcala. The article says that the Youngstown Police are investingating. I’m not sure if they mean Virginia or West Virginia.

  3. M1 Attache July 7, 2010 / 12:40 am

    The weirdness is sad, silent and intriguing in some profound way, and because of that something, a fascination with it can produce the FBI father of profiling, or of course gradients of applying the knowledge from thinking to behavior, but it’s a question raiser for sure.

    That case in France of recent, Michel Fourniret and wife, is in the same weirdness category, and maybe beyond. It had overtones to a higher social power ring which orchestrated the abduction, rape, murder, mechanics, and the erasure or cover up of information on the murders, from the judicial machanics level of the country. The evidence concerning this is way beyond conspiracy theory evidence level in verification of many of the “anomalies” over years.

    What would be weird, seeing some of the company Alcala also kept in Hollywood AND New York, from the shadier of Hollywood and entertainment in general assuming, if there is not even a darker, deeper ‘secret pattern’ which Alcala would never reveal, such as, it is not a case of a bunch of free agents (serial killers), but some contract employees, of a more sinister organism social needing this ‘service’, and who would that be? No one will say. An assumption and speculation to play around with in the spare time. They probably wouldn’t make a movie about a group of puppeted serial killers, providing human resources for some larger ‘marketing’ machine, which has visited regularly, but unknown, serving a longer reaching, ritual centered goal, with religious fervor. Might hit too close to home.

    One strange thing is religious/ritual/relic practices which are similar in many of the worst, but not widely acknowledged, of various known serial killers; But it’s there. Because I have thought, something that is not human, something beyond our sphere of what human evil alone is capable of, is that something beyond sole human evil is there, and a pattern is active in evidence of horrendous evil for sure, but for now of the non-visual patterns, which are none the less there too, and which have a more haunting probability of being ‘correct ‘ somewhere in the ‘pattern’, they are mathematically there as well, in a fractal model related to every modern human cultures actuality, but they need more information to verify that it truly is actual; a lot of information is often times missing, as we know, but more keeps becoming available. I think it exists, or maybe it has been there, and I have just not gotten to it yet. (No one accuses me of being the first to see anything, that some one hadn’t caught on to before me, and if I’ve seen it, so have others; the invisible pattern, supported by probabilities favorable for it being discovered actual, from theory supported informationaly, and with a mathematical ‘interpolator’, that like a city connected to a slot machine, the jackpot pattern is connected just as much to the loser patterns in itself invisibly, the mechanics, but the math is in favor of the loser probably losing, while desire in favor of the jackpot, by all, a goal, so ‘rare’ probabilities are hard to find, but if this makes sense, none the less are there, in the ‘math’!)

    Since fractals repeat in more than visual ways, it’s mathematically not that far fetched, to be able to see non-visual patterns just as readily, wherever the math can open eyes, especially when aided with digital ways and simpler concepts. There just might be a lot more to all the serial killers which seemed to concentrate in the Southland in Cal history, at various moments, climaxing in the early eighties. Are they not there? Or like I suspect, they have improved at avoiding mistakes previous employees made. The best stuff, in the end, sounds crazy at first. I would think, this would be very dangerous a path to take as it has in other high power conspiracies which came, or where trying to, come to enlightenment. People often die, but the cat gets out of the bag either way.

    Ok on another strange note on the Alcala pictures this time: Look at the ones, with the various girls, at various times I gather, listening to the stereo or turntable, in what looks like a room with a music center, and a dresser, and with headphones, or they are visible in the background. Well the strange thing is, above the turntable, is a print of what looks like a Dante’s Inferno inspired painting, or the Paradise Lost inspired illustrations. It’s the one with levels of Hades or purgatory, or a relative symbology. That’s an eerie painting to have above your potential prey, it’s a little disconcerting, because he is also adding it to his own symbolic repertoire of the scene, at the time. That painting alone, may tell the story, on many more pictures actual and ‘there’, out ‘there’ some where. That, to me, is weird.

    I think in Alcala’s head, is a picture of ”Hell of a lot of secrets”…

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