Possible Holloway lead fizzles

Earlier I wrote that some tourist thinks they photographed a skeleton (Natalee Holloway’s?) off the coast of Aruba. Well, that lead is going nowhere fast: a forensic pathologist says the “skeleton” is just some rocks.

Of course, maybe it isn’t rocks, but even if it’s a skeleton, they’d have to find it again, and prove whose bones it was.

This girl is back in town!

I have my laptop! It’s good as new! I’m writing on it now! I am at the library in Fort Wayne. I have a shrink appointment this afternoon and then will go home. It feels so good to have the computer back. When I went to pick it up I said, “Hi, I’m here for my right arm.”

Whilst in Fort Wayne I also picked up my shoe from the cobbler. A word of advice: if you have a pair of expensive and/or much-loved shoes and they start to wear out or something, don’t throw them out, take them to a shoe repair place if you can find one. I have been to this guy three times and, for cheap, he fixed problems that would have otherwise made my shoes unwearable. This time the sole had started to come off at the front and was flopping. Not only did he glue it back in place, but he sewed it up too, so now it’s less likely to come off than it was before! A $15 repair saved an $85 pair of very nice much-worn shoes.


Anticipate massive Charley updates soon.